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Tape, iodine, and sugar for the children

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Nuclear power is fake, as is all nuclear science.
How does France, the most nuclear power nation on earth, pull off such a hoax, when we’re told 70% of their power comes from nuclear?

My speculation is their power comes from their world wars adversaries – the Germans! What a massive contradiction and an impossibility for most Francos to believe! To add insult to injury, their “clean” nuclear power is probably “dirty” coal produced.

9/11 proved that the whole world can be deceived – forever. Nuclear is a big lie – that has endured for over one hundred years. Is there any chance the truth will be revealed, before it’s retired forever? Doubtful.

A few clues that poke fun at those that actually believe in the hoax.

At 5:55 – the Chernobyl radiation release stopped at the French border – due to a high pressure zone! What great luck!

Amusing “emergency” kit at 24:55

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