4 thoughts on “FAC628-Beevie, Ab, Rollo, Geris

  1. John le Bon

    I’ve listened to the first 2h30m of this call (before it goes all weird, just background noise and silence).

    Very enjoyable. Hopefully Beevie (VB?) will stick around and partake in more calls. Exactly the kind of circumspect, non-vitriolic, open-minded character this site needs more of. Once upon we got to listen to the likes of Tom Dalpra and Delcroix and others, people who, even when they were saying stuff I didn’t necessarily agree with or even care about, were likeable and interesting as people. Beevie gives off a similar vibe, just some fellow up for a chat, without getting carried away or overzealous.

    Regarding fake wine, I’m now of the opinion that beer is probably fake and spirits are definitely fake. As if they are putting bourbon in barrels for years, just leaving them there in a warehouse doing nothing, and then bottling it and sending it in ships to Australia. Give me a break. I know for a fact you can make stuff at home for a fraction of the cost that tastes just like ‘Jacky Beam’ and goes down smoother. Why on earth would they do it the hard way when they can do it the easy way?

    Regarding Australians and their over-representation in Fakeology, one thing I would like to note is that my own listener / viewer / Member stats are consistent across the platforms I use, and the results are somewhat surprising: more than half of my own audience is in the US, and then next on the list is the UK. Despite the fact that I am Australian and I used to focus mostly on Australian ‘news’ and so forth, my own site doesn’t have that many Australians among its participants/audience.

    There could be a lot of reasons for this; my suspicion is that one of the main reasons is my demeanour as ‘JLB’: my persona, the way I speak and present myself, goes against a lot of what Australians consider to be acceptable for a regular person. We have a massive tall poppy syndrome in Australia, and among people my age and younger, there is also a prevailing crabs-in-a-bucket mentality. Both of these elements of Australian culture will lead most of my own people to dislike my shtick.

    Once upon a time in Australian culture there was respect for the ‘underdog’ and the ‘battler’ but these days even that has largely diminished, so the idea of some punk from SE Melbourne doing what I am doing, and especially making money doing what I am doing, will piss a lot of Aussies off, in ways which even they won’t be able to consciously elucidate or explain. It is a psychological / cultural thing. Whereas Americans — especially on the east coast — respect the hustler for his hustle, in Australia is it almost the opposite: we (they) hate the go-getter, the dreamer, the doer.

    With all of that said, I enjoyed listening to somebody from my part of the world, around my age, giving his take on different issues. Beevie’s story about how he felt when his old man demonstrated an inkling of skepticism was very easy to relate to, touching even.

    I can only imagine how tough it is to go against the vaccination faith in Australia today, truly the mouth-breathing masses have gone rabid on this one, brainwashed to within an inch of their already-borderline sanity. If Beevie has found himself a lady who trusts his opinion on these matters, then he is winning at life imho, those girls are a rare breed in Australia these days, congrats to him for finding one; I don’t think many non-Aussies realise how Sweden-tier Australia has become (and it is getting worse quickly).

    So far, probably one of the best audiochats of 2019, certainly the most listenable in a long time, thanks also largely to Ab, who sounds happy and is always a pleasure to listen to, especially when he is in a perky mood. The Markus Allen stuff was a trip down memory lane. If you’re out there, Markus, come back, man. People love you, even people who ‘hate’ you, they love you. This scene needs more Markus Allen and several people on my website feel the exact same way. The past is the past, let’s all put it behind us, bro.

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