Tape, iodine, and sugar for the children

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Nuclear power is fake, as is all nuclear science.
How does France, the most nuclear power nation on earth, pull off such a hoax, when we’re told 70% of their power comes from nuclear?

My speculation is their power comes from their world wars adversaries – the Germans! What a massive contradiction and an impossibility for most Francos to believe! To add insult to injury, their 0;clean” nuclear power is probably “dirty” coal produced.

proved that the whole world can be deceived – forever. Nuclear is a big lie – that has endured for over one hundred years. Is there any chance the truth will be revealed, before it’s retired forever? Doubtful.

A few clues that poke fun at those that actually believe in the hoax.

At 5:55 – the Chernobyl radiation release stopped at the French border – due to a high pressure zone! What great luck!

Amusing “emergency” kit at 24:55

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9 thoughts on “Tape, iodine, and sugar for the children

  1. barbm124

    I have seen a small nuclear reactor (the size of a small house i total) in my university times where it produced heat and allowed students to make experiments and measurements there. If it was fake, they couldn’t be able to reproduce any of the claims from their books. On the other side, those reactors are simply steam driven electricity generators and can easily be faked. Also the study of physics does not make anybody a nuclear physicist. To become one you have to get a job in a nuclear institute and then you’ll become an insider and keep secrets. It is probably as hard to become a nuclear physicist as to become a rocket scientist. Steam and nuclear power stations look the same to me. As for electrical power, this days it is globalized. There is an Europe-wide global network where you no longer can say where does the electricity come from. This network wasn’t there when they started to put wind power plants and solar panels everywhere. This is a new technology and I used to think it cannot work efficiently but I’m no longer sure. Sure is, there are more and more batteries of all kind everywhere, in cars, bikes, scooters, even in circular saws (lol). Also energy-intensive products like all that frozen or dried food is very cheap. Which leads me to the conclusion, there is no shortage of electricity and there is no shortage of batteries. Maybe in a few years fuel driven engines become as much a curiosity as steam engines are now. I traveled in steam trains many times in my childhood.

    1. ab Post author

      Radioactive rocks don’t generate heat changing “isotopes”. This is the “core” of the deception. Steam and turbines are real, agreed, but the faggots in the middle are the forgery.

      1. gaia

        Radioactive rocks don’t generate heat changing “isotopes”.


        The radioactive heat of the Earth itself is the most eternal, clean and cheap (and thus not talked about or implemented on a wider scale, as it can be) energy source; geothermal energy.

        1. smj

          Little buddy, it’s amazing how quick you are to defend the official narrative when it comes to rocks.

          You don’t reckon there’s another explanation for the cold the higher one is and heat the lower one is? I thought you were into thermodynamics.

          1. gaia


            I studied the Earth for longer than anyone here and my investigative mind and search for what is real and what cannot be is the same in “both” areas (there is a continuum, not a divide).

            I am a Fakeologist because I am a geologist. Hence the choice of name.

            Exactly that is why, sparked after our chats about oganesson (118) [non-existent; even according to mainstream], and niobium (41) [real and sought for in the very real War For Resources; “coltan”] I decided to list the elements. First.

            So not immediately jumping to claims you cannot possibly substantiate (“meteorites do not exist”, right smj?), but finding the line between real and unreal.

            The Chembox of To Be Investigated elements (incomplete).

            Natural radioactivity we also talked about in excellent FAC 611 – Hidden Histories (but many more topics; the most diverse of all podcasts I’ve had)

            Brazil, Iran, China, Australia, India and more places on Earth have exceeding levels of radioactive natural formations and their erosion products; the sands and clays.

            Uranium and Thorium are naturally occurring in various minerals and those are used every day in logging activities in bore holes, because clay minerals have these elements in them.

            The radiogenic (not “radioactive” as I erroneously said this morning) heat production is not constant and varies greatly by basement type.

            General radiogenic heat generation in basins
            2002 – Douglas W. Waples – A New Model for Heat Flow in Extensional Basins: Estimating Radiogenic Heat Production

            Continental basement (Erzgebirge, Germany)
            2000 – Andrea Förster Hans?Jürgen Förster – Crustal composition and mantle heat flow: Implications from surface heat flow and radiogenic heat production in the Variscan Erzgebirge (Germany)

            “From an enlarged data set of temperature logs and thermal conductivity measurements, surface heat flow (qs) in the Erzgebirge was determined to range from 61 to 112 mW m?2. [so almost 100% difference!]

            U?Th?K2O data show that the heat flow pattern is controlled to first order by the occurrence of high heat production Variscan granites within a metamorphic basement.

            Highest heat flow correlates with granite plutons and sharply decreases off granite. These granites display variable but typically high radiogenic heat production (A), usually between 4 and 10 ?W m?3, depending on their chemical type and degree of fractionation.

            U accounts for 40–90% [also very variable; as Gaia is] of the total heat production in the granites, whereas U and Th contribute equally to the radioactivity in the metamorphic basement.

            It is stupid to deny reality and taking that route is indeed your favorite gaslit path, I know that by now, smj. I try to find out what is real and what is fake and you have already established that. In your head.

            Start searching for meteorites.

            In the same way I dispute what Ab says that “all nuclear science is fake”. We use so much real technology that is produced by real engineers made with real resources. This has real implications for the stance that “a whole is fake”.

            If nuclear science has been implemented into engineered materials only two options are possible:
            1 – the technology is real
            2 – the technology is not real, but an alternative explains this fully

            An example of 2 is “satellites”. But with nuclear science, it is on Earth. And many researchers have access to those academic facilities, they are not safeguarded as “nuclear” (?) reactors or bombs (they are in my view a definite fake; why make them, if you can fake them?).

            But what exactly of all the derivatives of “nuclear science” pertains to 1, or 2 outside of the 0 category, which would be the fakes (determined using standards; i.e. not the nihilism route you take), is an interesting question.

            Which can only be answered after the research, not before. That would be scientism, wouldn’t you agree?

            More on radiogenic heat:

            Oceanic crust (offshore Galicia)
            1996 – Keith E. Louden & Jean-Claude Mareschal – MEASUREMENTS OF RADIOGENIC HEAT PRODUCTION ON BASEMENT SAMPLES FROM SITES 897 AND 900
            2001 – K.E. Louden, R.B. Whitmarsh & J.-C. Mareschal – Data Report: Measurements of radiogenic heat production on production on basement samples from sites 1067 and 1068

            1. smj

              Still haven’t told me where you get your isotopes from, little buddy. That’s cool though since we both know you have no idea whatsoever.

              As far as meteorites fly, we also both know you’ve never seen a flying space rock. You do know the term meteorite(igneous lights in the sky as in lightning for instance) don’t mean flying rock, right? And you also know that the notion, per the narrative, that rocks flew was considered absurd till the fashion writing sissy, eddie topham, erected his sun god monument at wold cottage and biot, one of the first psience communicators, convinced the gullible apes that the eagles had landed. Now we got nasa telling us that the god of chaos flying space rock will kill us all in a few years. You shouldn’t have to look past luis feckin alvarez and son’s psilly dinosaur killing flying space rock to see thru the meteorite hustle, little buddy.

              As for the heat from the ground, I don’t assume a globe nor flying space particles(be they meteorites or helium atoms or beta particles)so it would seem we have a dilemma.

              However, seeing as it’s the same hustlers that gave us radiometric dating that tell us how much of the rock we are standing on’s heat budget comes from radiogenic sources(0.03% per the narrative) I think it should quite simple for a pair of longtime supposed fakeologists like us to see thru this particle-lar hustle. We both know the sun heats the ground; I’ve even seen piles of mulch catch fire and piles of compost get too hot to handle, but I’m only a landscaper of course and then there’s the liquid rocks that gaia farts out on occasion. Do you reckon that magma comes from alpha and beta particles, little buddy?

              This is easy work.

    2. barbm124

      actually what I was trying to say is: of course the radioactivity is real and it creates heat as described in papers. I’ve seen that myself. My point here is, I’m no longer sure, it creates enough heat to generate electricity. This part could be as fake as the nuke part. It’s just something real they vastly exaggerate and use for their hoaxes.

  2. anounceofsaltperday

    The Sagnac Experiment and Airy’s Failure demonstrate that the Aether exists. This means that E DOES NOT EQUAL MC^2. This means that nuclear energy is a fraud. Sagnac interferometers are a standard navigation device on all commercial aircraft. The real world relies on real physics.

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