First fake circumcision story

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I don’t go out of my way to find fake snip stories, but this came by way of an intactivist’s twitter feed.

No official names, hoax code, sim parents – all markers of a simulated story.

An Ontario doctor has been cautioned after a -day-old baby bled to death from a circumcision gone horribly wrong, underscoring the heated debate over a simple yet contentious procedure.

Ontario newborn bleeds to death after family doctor persuades parents to get him circumcised

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11 thoughts on “First fake circumcision story

  1. tokarski

    AB – what is the significance of the number 22?

    222 – I get, as it is a form of 8 (2 x 2 x 2). There was once a TV show starring a black dude as a teacher (back in the race trouble days) called “Room 222.” I suppose I should have paid better attention, but I never did in school. It was probably loaded with symbology.

    Anyway, I am doing some work on Nicole Brown Simpson and saw that she and OJ were married on 2/2/85 – this was after you mentioned 22 being a spook marker in this post.

  2. gaia

    There is no conspiracy, Unreal, and thus also no conspiracy culture. It is all in your head.

    The information is out there, it is just a matter of connecting the dots.

    With an open mind, not as a conspie as you.

    I apply the scientific method, you just have your fantasies. That is why my research goes way deeper than your imagined fake animals.

    And again, all the attention led to not addressing the topic. Gaslighting; confuse and conquer.

    Too afraid to address the topic of little innocent babies being mutilated?

    1. Unreal

      You are a lost case, Gaia.

      Even using the “scientific method” it should be fairly easy to verify how Conspie and Truth Seeker, the term by which you qualify, are synonyms. So besides trying to belittle all Fakeologist and Conspiracy Theorists, you also insult yourself. Any scientifically educated psychologist would qualify such behavior as insane – a deranged state of the mind or lack of understanding.

      And to correct your false statement “There is no conspiracy” : there are conspiracies : an example of an accepted mainstream conspiracy would be the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin incident.

      Other conspiracies such as 911 are not yet accepted by the mainstream, but have clearly been proven as such (conspiracy) on Fakeologist .com and elsewhere despite the libel you partake in against conspiracy theory and those who research (Fakeologists) such important topics .


      1. Conspiracy is the secret planning by a group of people to do something illegal.
      2. A conspiracy is an agreement between a group of people which other people think is wrong or is likely to be harmful.


  3. gaia

    More importantly that the next waste of energy is the case itself; “circumcision”, the euphemistic term for male genital mutilation.

    It is completely irrelevant if this is a fake story with a fake baby and fake parents.

    What is important that there is a daily practice going on by which for no reason whatsoever healthy babies are being cut by freaks. And parents who allow that to happen. But are to chickenshit to get their own knife and do it themselves.

    That practice and the implications it has on the War For the Psyche and the War For Human Resources is very real and should be the point of interest and outrage.

    Not the next umpteenth tidbit from the media.

    How much of this media candy does one need to taste before the poison is recognized?

  4. gaia

    Huh? No official names is a good thing. The protection of privacy. I cannot imagine any real parent wanting their name in the papers for this, would you, seriously?

    Fake actors use their names, because they are disposable anyway.

    It could be “fake”, but why can’t it be real? There are no 22 day old babies?

    You see, this is why I left your Discord. In good standing; a difference in direction. I don’t have patience to deal with nihilists. And by applying no standards other than some superficial things (look at how Unreal scandalously accused fellow former contributors of your site of being liars based on the same cloud of confirmation bias, cherrypicking and tunnel vision) you by definition become one. I wouldn’t be proud of that, but like I said; difference in idea of direction.

    I tried my best to up the levels in your Discord and chats and that to a mixed success. But a good learning and I will keep dropping my bombs here.

    PS: Nuclear reactors is not only energy; there is a whole industry using derivatives of nuclear science. Academic institutions have reactors. If that is “all fake” you need to present a clear case on how that; the derivatives, is possible.

    A Rae West level for the Nuke Bomb Hoax let’s say. Not this BS handwaiving, I learn more from a normie.

    1. Unreal

      ” look at how Unreal scandalously accused fellow former contributors of your site of being liars based on the same cloud of confirmation bias, cherrypicking and tunnel vision “

      You (Gaia) and other dishonest researchers have been adressed numerous times about the rare cases of fake layman researchers operating in the Fakeologist eco-system that actively have participated in mediahoaxes (Annette Carrion death hoax, Muckleshoot Casino shooter hoax).

      What is common for both the fence-sitters and naysayers regarding possible rotten apples in the Conspiracy Community is their complete lack of contribution to the research itself on any of the media-hoaxes in question.

      Non-contribtion to any type of research would normally mean such individuals would restrain themselves from such “solid” opinions on topics they do not investigate, yet some dishonest elements still are very vocal (here Gaia) regardless of their nonsensical attitude and cluelessness.

      The research itself in the cases i’m vocal about is very clearcut in its own right and the conclusion how “former contributors” played an active role in these media-hoaxes is unquestionable – unless you let feelings & belief rule over verifiable knowledge and facts.

      It is very easy to comprehend that Conspiracy culture is as much controlled as any other area of culture. It should therefore be no surprise that Fakeologist-type research is closely watched and controlled – also deceptively as in the cases of John Adams, K Hammad and AA Morris.

      Any genuine conspiracy researcher would take interest in the contrived aspect of their discipline as it represents the very foundation of their interest of hoaxes in the first place : Deception.

      The Conspiracy Con – FAK 211…

      K shooting…

      More Carrion…

      Conspiracy Gatekeeping…

      [ Herunder Richard Grove, Conspiracy Researcher, Conspiracy Podcast host & fake 9/11 whistleblower ]

      1. gaia

        That is the difference; you’re a conspie (just as bad as a normie) piling confirmation bias on top of faulty imagined “conclusions” based on your own lunacy.

        The tin foil hat archetype the normies use to tarnish truth seekers with.

        I am a truth seeker; I am not afraid to topple earlier thoughts and reconsider my positions. Like for instance on the nuclear science where far more is real (engineering) than I first thought.

        I behaved like you; assuming all nuclear science “fake” on the basis of a few Hollywood H-bombs.

        I learned from those mistakes. You prove with this paranoia you didn’t.

        Glück auf!

      2. Unreal

        Your reply makes no sense as it does not address any factual argument, just repetitive derogatory terms used to belittle both conspiracy research, Fakeologists – and myself, clearly.

        For information, “Truth Seeker” is a synonym for “Conspiracy Theorist” aka “Conspie” which you use to impolitely negatively label everyone visiting this site – the public you have for hours on end catered to in your endless ramblings on air.

        Indeed, your active participation (Gaia) on this site is clearly quite insane as you seemingly are unaware being a “Conspie” yourself from the very definition of the term.

        No wonder you (Gaia) have a Should-I-Stay-or-Should-I-Go attitude if you are unaware you actively participate in conspiracy research and indeed qualify as a “Conspie” yourself – albeit a clueless, vulgar conspiracy theorist at that.

        You are truly a troll, Gaiaand (imo) free to go unless employed to do otherwise.

        1. ab Post author

          I’ve always contended there are two Gaias. We are getting the Fakeologist hating version now. Once the entity rejoins discord, we should get the old one that supports the research.

    2. smj

      Little buddy, I gotta few questions for you.

      First one is what is your definition of nihilism? Are you talking about the neitzsche shite or the camus/sartre existentialism nonsense or maybe bakunin’s revolutionary prattle? I don’t do philosophy of course, I’m only asking cause I don’t see how anything that your podfather wrote was nihilistic. It’s not like he said anything as nihilistic as ‘there is no truth’.

      Second, could you explain to me how you used the psientific method to determine that an uncontrolled neutron chain reaction is impossible yet a controlled neutron chain reaction is possible; and does your method take into account the father of the neutron’s work on the manhattan project or wigner’s work in turning the atom smasher’s calutron girls ole stompin grounds into the first isotope producing facility? I’m assuming you know about the wigner/szilard/onestone letter of course seeing as you’re a geologist andwhatnot.

      (Funny story; the atom smasher’s little brother is the father of nuclear medicine and szilard cured his own cancer with cobalt 60 per the narrative. The end.)

      My last question is, little buddy, does the fact that continental drift theory andtherefore plate tectonic theory is dependent upon uranium farts have anything to do with your born-again faith in nuclear psience?

      I look forward to your response and I hope you are learning lots of neat stuff from your new normie friends.


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