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  1. ricky

    You make a great point Unreal, as usual, regarding the requisite large numbers of people involved in duping the public when conducting and “reporting” on staged events, especially when great numbers of deaths are the focus of the story. It is a disturbing thought with ramifications that you described more eloquently that I could. What bothers me in equal measure is the uncurious nature of the general public, especially when confronted with evidence that they are being lied to. Maybe it gives a tacit excuse to the perpetrators thinking they are playing a necessary role in lying for a “greater good.” Most of the dupers don’t seem any brighter than the general public that buys it. I’m interested in the operational nuts and bolts of these events, they must work in a militaristic fashion where you only know so much at a given command level. The upper management and “reporting” have no such tacit excuse, I don’t know how they justify it and operate as “double agents” for decades or a lifetime. If you have any humanity or a conscience, it must take a toll.

    1. Unreal

      What bothers me in equal measure is the uncurious nature of the general public, especially when confronted with evidence that they are being lied to. Maybe it gives a tacit excuse to the perpetrators thinking they are playing a necessary role in lying for a “greater good.”


      Agree with you (Rick) which goes to show how a large part of insiders are not any brighter than the normal, general public. Ambition and greed would clearly be at the center of the harmful behavior we observe from the basic “dupers” and other perpetrators alike.

      The upper management (Elite) does not necessarily “take a toll” from their behavior as they seem in-bread to see their advantageous position as a birth-right and thus much like in Jewish culture consider the (goyem) popular masses (unchosen by God/freemasonry/G) as unworthy cattle – which makes one wonder about the actual constitution of this self-serving, supremacist group and mindset.

      What we experience in modern society is much akin to a stage-play where nothing really is as presented, and where no knowledge is available overtly. The energy and attention that goes into making all information coincide with ominous lies and false constructs is staggering as it is a result of centuries of work behind the scenes with the ambition of having us all live in voluntary servitude under a Disney Land type of world unbeknownst to most.

      Personally find the inhumane cruelty and supremacist madness of the Elite most telling when we consider the efforts and expenditure made to derail and gatekeep even those few who are awakening in our miniature surroundings (Truth seekers / Conspies) to the fraud proffered upon civilization as we know it.

      The Conspiracy Conspiracy

      Without being able to identify each and every fake truther working to deceive us even here on Fakeologist – They Live here as well. And even in the few cases fake truthers are exposed as such, nothing changes as the very culprits among us who for long periods actively have undermined research and bewildered discussion are welcome back for more time on air.

      If we actually did learn from hard-gained knowledge and experience, we should expose and shun rotten apples when we uncover them participating in the very media-hoaxes genuine researchers work hard to expose and are offended by. Those who by association forgive such treacherous behavior equally expose themselves, as by taking no action or stance they set themselves up as roadblocks to open exposure, which is active gatekeeping in its own right.

      [ herunder the 2011 Muckleshooter going into his fake trial and million dollar bail for attemptive murder, hence not actually killing anyone even in fiction – contrary to what some CluesForum admin’s claim to have witnessed ]

    2. xileffilex

      ricky wrote
      I’m interested in the operational nuts and bolts of these events, they must work in a militaristic fashion where you only know so much at a given command level. The upper management and “reporting” have no such tacit excuse, I don’t know how they justify it and operate as “double agents” for decades or a lifetime. If you have any humanity or a conscience, it must take a toll

      Yes! This is the fascinating part of the make-believe world which we hear of and read about. And I see it as a level up from the bottom of the ‘hoax pyramid’ – i.e. not the phenotype of the staged event, but its genetics. The dupers and role-players and actors who are roped into these fictions, tied up with NDAs and well [?] paid for their efforts, are small fry. As are the necessary fire, ambulance, police and other assorted governement departmental chiefs, lawyers, doctors, scientists and MSM reporters. There’s a whole tier of society above that shower in all [developed?] countries which spends its lifetime organising this fake reality and ensuring that the next generation of scriptwriters and directors will take over when they depart for their guilt-free retirements, job having been done, honours having been bestowed. Crazy world! Personally I think that’s what “intelligence” does.

    3. ab Post author

      Herds need to be managed. They need to be fed, guided, and culled for their survival. I doubt there is any guilt when what you are doing is for the good of society, at least in their eyes.

      1. gaia

        Indeed, that is their thinking.

        I am convinced we can do better and learn from their methods, applying them in the right way.

        We are 10 years ahead of the Clowns; Agenda 2020

        And we can wake up many critically thinking “””normies””” out there, who share this uneasy feeling “something” is not right in this Clownworld. Every single one of those individuals has a button that can be pushed. An Aha Erlebnis to be lived. A eureka! moment to spark the epiphany.

        That is what the Colombia Conference will be all about; how to deal with the fact that 10 years from now our views and thus acceptance in society will be viewed as even more outlandish than now. Dwelling in the past or the present is not going to help anyone. Learning from it does.

        And how amazing is it that Ab, The Fakeologist, has made this incredible opportunity possible? In the most exotic location on this beautiful globe even!

        We will have an unforgettable experience and to all those who have to miss out on it; the learnings from our conference of reasonable truth seekers will come through different podcasts. That is how the seeds spread.

        Fuck the chicken brain eaters (“normies” who are essentially NPCs; have no processing capacity). Why bother about them? They exist, so what? Does that mean anything for your life?

        They belong in the same category as the mainstream media, hyped alternative media (hanging out with the Joneses) and Fakeology 1.0; it is reactive, feeding the parasite and defeatist.

        Comfy, but not very uplifting.

        The growth I have made was only possible because of this platform.

        Donate to Geris, Ab and FART podcast! They are worth your money.

        And don’t forget we are 10 years ahead.

        If we want to

      2. Unreal

        ” They need to be fed, guided, and culled for their survival. ”


        Hmm – this might be how the Elite presents their vision of civilization, but it is a cunning, supremacist perversion of reality.

        First thing that is completely inverted here is that the general population produces their own food, and that the Elite produces nothing. In reality, the Elite depend upon their subjects entirely to be “fed” – quite contrary to normal people who would do just fine if they could keep their own produce and not be forced to pay the fruit of their labor in taxes.

        Secondly, we here on Fakeologist should be well aware that the “guidance” offered by our betters is nothing but propaganda that exclusively serves the ruling class and offer little to no real knowledge to the general population. Guidance to the Universe at best.

        Lastly, when it comes to the “culling” and “survival” it does seem the Elite is quite effective as what they sell the public as healthcare is far off what humans really would need in terms of care. Fake remedies and medical profiteering is where Elite attention lies – so the general public’s survival is not due to anything else than their very own human nature which clearly the Elite would like to claim undue ownership of.

        Where is there any good for normal men and women in the current form of civilized society the Elite built in their own interest, and when did the Elite do any good for the general population last ?

  2. Unreal

    ” Strange, I’ve never come across anyone laughing or smiling at a real funeral I’ve attended, for instance. ”

    ” my sister and me couldn’t stop laughing and cracking jokes at our grandma’s (92) funeral ”


    Completely agree with Xileffilex about how normal people (including myself) react at funerals, only compulsive liars and mentally troubled individuals would as Gaia suggests “crack jokes” at any such occasion – what disrespect and shameless behavior.

    Of course, anyone who are familiar with compulsive liars, such individuals will always try to interject with unverifiable, hard to believe arguments in order to create some type of confusion or doubt. Like involving family, friends or spouses to make their spin appear “real” – Adams & Allen speaking of their families, buying eggs, driving home from the bullet factory, etc, etc.

    Even on a subject-matters where every thinking person will know there is no exception for outrageous fake victim behavior such as encountered in situations where only empathy would be possible for non-psychopaths such as at a funeral, witnessing murder or molestation.

    Psychopath (noun, plural: psychopaths)

    From 19th century German “psychopatisch”, originating from Ancient Greek “psukhé” (soul or mind) and “páthos” (suffering or disease)

    General use:
    A person having an egocentric and antisocial personality marked by a lack of remorse for one’s actions, an absence of empathy for others, and often criminal tendencies


    1. gaia

      You know nothing of the funeral, the great relation my sister and me had with my grandma and the respect that spoke out of our uncontrollable laughter and joy. It was not a day to be sad.

      She was an amazing woman who passed at a very respectable age.


      1. Unreal

        ” It was not a day to be sad. ” -gaia

        Your cardboard emotion speaks well for your “deep feelings” and “respect” you express on the funeral of someone you loved through “cracking jokes” and “uncontrollable laughter”.

        Your shallow emotions is very reminiscent of the habitual vicsim remembrance “he/she was joyful untill the end”. I’m aware you (gaia) will be “offended” now that your baseless, unasked for argument in favour of psychopathic behavior have been questionned.

        Rage On” as some say, it’s only paper deep emotions in your case.

  3. ricky

    Great video, very creative and damning evidence of drills being run. I’ll show it to some of my brain-dead friends and family to see if anything registers. —————————- That’s the brain wave activity I expect, sadly.

    1. Unreal

      ” —————————- That’s the brain wave activity I expect “

      You (Rick) coin the general state of affairs very well.

      And, all while smiling at your pertinent pun, the countless times we do observe* duping delight related to media-hoaxes and other types of deceptive propaganda does confront us with an uncomfortable state of affairs which is the scale of the general deception.

      There should normally be a barrier of decency and ethics that for normal people would be difficult to transgress such as lying to “everyone” (general public) about even the most existential question of life & death.

      It is therefore worrisome there are such important numbers of people that do partake in hoaxes and go on with their life in a community (insiders) that is so dishonest and disrespectful of the general population. The club of “insiders” that are aware of the gross lies behind most of the artificial violence we are subjected to is not small-scale, but rather sizeable.

      Duping delight (noun, uncountable)

      Neologism coined by Paul Ekman in his book Telling Lies (1992).

      General Use:
      The pleasure of being able to manipulate someone, often made visible to others by flashing a smile at an inappropriate moment.


      Initially one would assume a researcher that coins such a pertinent expression of deceit would himself be a legitimate researcher that observes such behavior as duping delight in others.

      Unfortunately, Paul Ekman is apparently nothing different from most public media-figures and authors, albeit he can lie without displaying the amateurish signs of deception which really is what duping delight describes.

      ” The Navy warrant officer John Anthony Walker, Jr. was convicted as a spy for the Soviet Union in 1987, and is serving a life sentence. The New York Times said he had been the most damaging spy in history, having helped the Soviets decipher over 200,000 encrypted naval messages. It wasn’t the polygraph that caught him, nor surveillance by U.S. counter-espionage officers. His wife Barbara turned him into the FBI. He was bragging about all the money he was making, but Barbara was his ex-wife and Walker was behind in alimony payments.

      What motivated this smart, devious fellow to be so foolish? Probably what I call duping delight, the near irresistible thrill some people feel in taking a risk and getting away with it. Sometimes it includes contempt for the target who is being so ruthlessly and successfully exploited. It is hard to contain duping delight; those who feel it want to share their accomplishments with others, seeking admiration for their exploits. ”

      Paul Ekman, Ph.D. in clinical psychology

      The above citation from Dr Ekman well exemplifies how the term duping delight came to be, explained with a public lie from the outset as the “cold war” was merely propaganda*, which Ekman would be well aware of and partakes in promoting – alone or with fellow insiders.

      It is hard to evaluate the size of the large group of deceptive liars that act before us with the ambition of making the lives of ordinary men and women meaningless, chained to the wall of a cave watching shadows.

      What is certain is that anyone who participates in consciously contributing to the huge masquerade of public deception is guilty of treason to human dignity and human rights. It is debatable what punishment would be appropriate for all participants in this general public ignominy, but merely limited exposure in forums such as ours seems too benign to fit such misconduct and crime.

      *examples of duping delight in the video are particlarly obvious even to the hoax-unaware, yet there are a lot more exemples of such blatant “witnesses” lying publicly. The worst is of course that there are countless more examples of this behavior where smiles and smugness are less apparent for the general public, while still very obvious for those familiar with the scale of public deception.

      *also the polygraph as forensic proof is debatable and most probably another untruth consciously used by Ekman to further help the general propaganda and public deception along

      [ hereunder Ekman with a fellow false personality pretending to wish us well in the 2014 book “Emotional Awareness : Overcoming the Obstacles to Psychological Balance and Compassion” ]

    2. xileffilex

      The standard [useful idiot or gatekeeper] response to duping delight is….. “people all respond to events differently”
      Strange, I’ve never come across anyone laughing or smiling at a real funeral I’ve attended, for instance.

      “you don’t know how someone will react” was the answer I got when I called out [to a friend] the current director of the UK Climate Unit for staging what appeared to be an over-the-top reaction ** – “panic attack” + smiling – on set [why was it kept in?] in a very recent BBC 10th anniversary recapitulation of the Climategate “Hockey Stick” email hacking brouhaha. Straight out of the Robbie Parker handbook.
      Sadly it’s not available outside the UK.

      Hey, perhaps the hacking was all staged in the first place? Seems eminently possible, an example of the long game being played in global warming and changing human behaviour

      ** recounting one of the usual insider tropes, the anonymous and unaccountable “death threat”

      1. gaia

        The NPC Pavlov response in this case is right; people do behave differently.

        What is wrong is their ability to observe; the problem is that these crisis characters all behave the SAME.

        (my sister and me couldn’t stop laughing and cracking jokes at our grandma’s (92) funeral)

        1. xileffilex

          Ah, I see whence the phrase “rolling in the aisles” emerged. Looking for ward now to my next funeral, hopefully not my own. But, when the time comes I’ll leave instructions for all attendees to laugh their heads off. [Ha Ha Bonk] But if people want to “act differently”, they can be sad and respectful.

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