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…and I think it is appropriate to announce this celebration on this very thread titled “Does Rocketry Work beyond Earth’s atmosphere?” – since it represents the logical conclusion of our longstanding investigations which, I dare say, have continuously strived to observe what we may call scientific rationality or, more simply, plain common sense. Yes, we have investigated this sorry scam for more than 10 years now on this forum – and it would seem that, thankfully, many people around the world have been

Of course, NASA’s Propaganda Department hasn’t been sitting on its ass this last decade – as public awareness of the GSTS slowly started sky-rocketing (just like their slow-starting rockets…): around mid-2014 or so (i.e. around the time when Cluesforum enjoyed its historical peak of daily visitors), the NASA Propaganda Department launched their “FLAT EARTH Programme” : this propaganda gimmick is, I must admit, a quite clever psychological operation designed to associate anyone who questions NASA with those who claim that Earth is as flat as a French pancake. The net result being that, if you now try telling to someone that NASA is a total scam, this person will most likely say: “Oh, so you must be a Flat Earther, eh?” – and thus dismiss you as a raving crackpot. I really must concede – even though it hurts – that NASA’s Flat Earth Psyop has to be one of the smartest (and evidently highly successful – internationally!) “damage-control” operation of all times. One must (reluctantly) “admire” their skills at fooling the world – much as one may “admire” David Copperfield for making the Statue of Liberty disappear in front of a large audience… The question is: HOW LONG will these magicians get away with it?

Source: Does Rocketry Work beyond Earth’s atmosphere? – Page 55 – Exposing Mass Deception

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John wonders if sports are scripted, and when Ab will retire and do a few shows a week – all from Hanoi.

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