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  1. Unreal

    Listening in on this audiochat, i’m as always cautious about too much social talk, personal anecdotes, questions of funding and fakeologist meet-ups. Much like Ab i do not find “friendly” ties in Fakeology all that beneficial* for diligent research. More topical discussion would be both more interesting and purposefull for those who actually involve themselves on the FAK website and forums.

    As Geris was so precise about his daughter’s birthday, it sparked my curiosity and it just so happens she turned 13 on the 13th! This might have been sort of numerologically coincidental enough for Geris to mention as children are quite aware of such simple, numerological cues that concerns themselves (& their parents) directly.

    Anything that is fake will ususally profit from association with memory cues such as numerology and repeated series, which clearly makes hoaxes so often hang onto these types of repetions that both trigger the general public unconsciously and helps scriptwriters and crisis actors create mnemonic hooks in their fictional narrative.

    *conspiracy theory community was of course from the outset (before the internets) largely built around meet-ups, conferences and round-tables which even to our present day is used to build credence around specific theories or strengthen selected researchers identity.

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