Hiroshima was a firebombing since nuclear bombs are a psyop

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It is the anniversary of dropping an atom bomb on . But the Hiroshima narrative is a lie. We’ve reported at considerable length about how the whatever was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki didn’t have the kind of immediate destructive impact that is portrayed.

Source: On This “Atom Bomb”-Anniversary, You’re Being Lied To About Hiroshima (And Much More..) | Zero Hedge

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4 thoughts on “Hiroshima was a firebombing since nuclear bombs are a psyop

  1. John le Bon

    I have similar thoughts to you, Ricky. Seems to me that the ‘Hiroshima was firebombed’ story is just a red herring, a distraction from the fact that there was no bombing, because there was no war, and nobody died nobody got hurt period.

    Perhaps they engaged in large scale demolition and relocation, perhaps cities like Hiroshima were flattened by bulldozers, we will probably never know. What we do know is that war is a HOAX and anybody who says otherwise is in fact a liar (or a person who parrots lies).

  2. ricky

    Curious how this came to your’ attention now Ab, this story is from 2016. I stopped paying much attention to “zero hedge” earlier, once I found “Fakeologist” and accepted the reality of comprehensive fraud. I searched the “zero hedge” site and found this article in the archives, no comments were included, unfortunately, although there must have been hundreds. Another “red herring?” An alternative bombing story, like so many alternative stories we’ve become used to that keeps us from the real story. I stated on a previous thread, none of my uncles or friends fathers faced any live combat in WW2, how much was there really, how much bombing? Maybe it’s just like space travel, just another story.

    1. gaia

      The amount of bombs is probably far exaggerated, but there was a city and there wasn’t anymore afterwards.

      They firebombed more cities and the damage looks similar to the “nuked” cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki, a booming town just 25 years later (so no dangerous radiation levels).

      If you look at cities in Germany you clearly see the destruction; a lot of post-war architecture in the city centers between the old churches that were either not targeted (“War as a Hoax” says there is no battle between nations) or rebuilt.

      I don’t understand the analogy. “Space travel” is what allegedly occurs above the Kármán “line”. Inaccessible to us. Bombed cities are accessible everywhere.

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