56 Years ago today

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The entire world was subjected to the first mass using the TV – and they didn’t see a thing. The Zapruder film wasn’t released for almost a decade later, yet people were painted a picture by the news anchors of the day. Click the link below to read the best explanation of the .

Blue Moon’s masterpiece is out. Fetzer, read it and weep. A librarian has solved the puzzle (how ironic – book depository and all!) Word Master FINAL4LULUliesallkinds Page 35 …

Source: Penultimate JFK Book released | Fakeologist.com

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  1. Unreal

    Now four years have gone since Blue Moon published his digital book “The Kennedy Assassination as Television Programming“. The effort and research is quite remarkable, and the writing very stylish and accomplished.

    Despite reading several chapters, i have a hard time to synthesize exactly what Blue Moon proposes happened in the JFK shooting and how the hoax was staged. Blue Moon’s ebook has no table of contents in its pdf version and i’ve not found any resumé of the exact theory proposed – which would be useful with the wide scope of the book that focus not only on the JFK shooting hoax.

    The idea that JFK didn’t die in the shooting and that the event was a media-hoax is a theory shared by many long-time conspiracy theorists – except contrived front figure Truthers such as Fetzer – so the most compelling angle to the JFK assassination really is how the magic was achieved.

    How was the Dallas Motorcade staged, was there a puppet, a stand-in or did JFK play his part himself ? Was all the crowd at the end of the motorcade insiders and crisis actors or did intelligence services actually have to put on a live stageplay performance that day ? Was there any real bullets fired or fake blood spilled on the scene?

    In the epilogue i find Blue Moon’s speculation on what happened to Kennedy quite plausible as he suggests the Apollo program president lived in Greece with Jackie and was in regular contact with his children before moving back to the USA on Onassis death (1975) and later passed away in 1988 at around 71 years-old (nearly sounds a bit early, just like Onassis at 69).

    [ hereunder exhibit 399, JFK single bullet Magick from the Warren Commission 1964 report ]

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