How did they simulate Nicole Brown Simpson?

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Nice blog entry by Mark.

First, let’s take a look at the Simpson trial, not through my eyes, but those of Miles Mathis back in his pre-genealogy phase. His paper, The OJ Simpson Trial was Faked, first appeared in November of 2014, five years ago, with a few revisions along the way, including an assertion about a year ago that OJ is gay. The evidence he presents is intriguing, but gayness is not something that can be proved without admission or independent testimony, and no one is talking. Hence it is pointless to speculate about

Source: Judge Lance Ito and martial … law – Piece of Mindful

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1 thought on “How did they simulate Nicole Brown Simpson?

  1. davieb

    In the trial a character named Robert Kardashian was OJ’s friend and defence attorney.
    this is another fake character just like Lance Ito. I believe that the Kardashians do not exist in real life.
    They are a fake family. A made for tv family.
    One of the Kardashian children is named Kylie Jenner, (supposed daughter of Kris Jenner (Kardashian) and Bruce Jenner). In my research I have determined that this Kylie Jenner character is played by the actress Olivia Jade. She is also the daughter of Lori Lauglin, of full house fame and now of the college admissions scandal.

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