Dismissing false flag theory

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Excellent callers in this leading edge #autohoax podcast.

[Infinite Plane Radio] REPORT 11.16.19 – IPR Open Phones505 – 510 – 46- #infinitePlaneRadio
podplayer.net/?id=87372801 via @PodcastAddict

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3 thoughts on “Dismissing false flag theory

  1. John le Bon

    Interesting call, I’m glad I listened. IPS speaks well and seems level-headed. I might just be a new fan of his after listening to this.

    His Dallas Goldbuggery is a little bizarre but aye, it is what it is, some people really do believe this kind of stuff. And when he and a caller spent five or ten minutes going on about ICBMs it was strange to me, have these guys not woken up to the wingless missile hoax yet?

    But IPS is on-point about media fakery and nobody died nobody got hurt, which is of fundamental importance. Not only does he get it, but he explains it well.

    If I get a chance I would like to call in and ask him if he still believes in war. That’s the real litmus text when it comes to modern-day fakeology, imho. There’s those who understand the war hoax and those who don’t. It’s that simple.

  2. dbuser

    I’ve asked this before but does anyone know how to get these to play on iOS without stopping every 10-15 minutes?


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