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Toronto shit spreader

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Update 12/4: Shit story gets delayed again for phony reason. Reason: keep story in news making it impossible to follow in person at court, if you were so foolish to try and attend.

Another likely phony story that is hidden under a publication ban (no reason given).

Apparently all our controversial cases belong in a private court.

What about “all those witnesses” that crowded into the courtroom? My guess if you went down there is you’d be told that there was no more room to get in (to an empty room).

This story has served the pun industry well, so I’ll refrain from adding to the pile.

Outside court, Opoku’s lawyer Jordan Weisz noted there was little he could share due to a publication ban protecting information presented during a bail hearing, but said he understands the degree of interest in the case.


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Why is Trump dropping a 33?

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Trump is either a godsend or an disaster for conspiracy fake news minded people, depending on how you spin it.

Why he drops a non sequiter, random 33 (hoax code) here is bizarre.

Time stamp is 10:30.

[No Agenda] 1194: “Mint19” #noAgenda
podplayer.net/?id=88377790&#03… via @PodcastAddict

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