5 thoughts on “Memory, like liberty, is a fragile thing

  1. xileffilex

    Psychologists are the go-to graduates for the Intelligence Services in creating our false reality through the use of fake ‘witnesses’ who are not trained actors. I think we are awake enough to sit through TED talks and their soothing speakers to see what the gatekeepers are up to. [The incident at the start of that Loftus presentation is almost certainly a news- and legal work-creating psy-op going over the heads of the TED liberal elitists]

  2. gaia

    And a TED talk, Ab, seriously are you ok?

    Listen (again) to Chris Kendall and Beevie and their gem “intellectual fastfood” and what it stands for. Actually LISTEN to them, way better than that IPS poison you stick into you.

    A bigger epithome of scientism than these “liberal-progressive-righteous-but-oh-so-fallacical” fastfood TED talk snippets is not possible.

    I seriously cannot watch them, and I have tried.

    It stands for everything truth seeking is not and promoting that garbage makes you compliant Ab. Another Musky company you try to promote?


  3. ricky

    I reject this premise, if anything, not trusting your’ own memory smells more like a psyop to me. The speaker comes across as an actress, and a good one. Since everyones stories by definition reside in the past, how can anyone move forward and not repeat their same mistakes or actually learn anything? Could you drive a big truck if you didn’t learn from your’ memory Ab? Don’t you hope that your’ pilots memory of past flights is accurate when taking your’ family on vacation. Our lives depend on vivid memories, especially mistakes, and the ability to learn from them.

    1. gaia

      THANK you, finally a sane voice who speaks out.

      Indeed, all this intended confusion is targeted to us the same way as Einsteinian “physics” was invented (and computer programs are written, thank you Gregory of Nyssa); to make us feel dumb and stupid.

      And thus to make us cling to clowns for our own reality check and by an outside mind controlled false authority; whitecoatism.

      Our memory is far from perfect and the brain an amazingly complex and fascinating machine, but all attempts to confuse us, make us doubt reality, and that includes the pathetic attempts by some clowns here that there are “just lights in the sky [a lie; they are much more than just lights]”, holographic projections, Mandela Effect, etc. usw. are all aligned with the same principle: confuse and conquer.

      All meant to support the Transhumanist Agenda; to get us as far away from our natural self and observational capacities we all have as possible.

      Great you made the point, thanks.

      PS: those really interested in the Mandela Effect should study the much larger and thus important concept of historical resets, and the monumental work of Alternative Academic standards by Dr. Anatoly Fomenko, information on Fakeopedia, as usual.


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