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No one will dare question this (very expensive to taxpayers) solution, since a small child was killed on Remembrance Day.

About 6,000 air conditioning units will be removed by Christmas at an estimated cost of between $4 million and $5 million, according to Bruce Malloch, director of strategic communications for the TCHC. TCHC said it will replace each window air conditioner it removes with a new floor model at no charge to the tenant before the weather gets warmer next year, or what the corporation calls the 0;2020 cooling season.” It said it would provide floor-model air conditioners to tenants who have already removed win

Source: Tenants not allowed to install window AC units after toddler’s death, TCHC says | CBC News

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6 thoughts on “Problem/reaction/solution

  1. xileffilex

    Standard fake death psychological driving.
    This GoFundMe is being set up by a family member in order to help the father, Mujibrahmon Mirogho with funeral expenses and relocating the family to a new home, getting counselling for the parents and surviving siblings who witnessed this horrific incident, and other expenses. The family cannot bear to go back to the same building where their daughter was killed.


    Relocation relocation relocation. Good earlier call, Ab. Fishy as, well, we know.

    1. Unreal

      ” She was the youngest in our family and the light of our lives. ”

      Fundraising for Baby Crystal

      Great fund find (Xileffilex).

      On the surface, fundraising for disadvantaged individuals seems a very rational action that directly help normal people through tough times.

      Contrary to how we most would see fundraiser initiatives, my impression from browsing numerous fundraiser campaigns is that the largest part of causes is about profiteering from general people’s good will and intentions.

      This is quite peculiar that many genuine people do suffer but not often willing to ask for help, even less to set up a fundraiser campaign and speak about their misfortune. Maybe this would be akin to how public appearances are so feared by regular people*.

      Normal individuals might just prefer to suffer in silence rather than ask for help, which is unfortunate, but likely at the base of human psychology and behaviour. And purposefully reinforced by targeted indoctrination (compulsory school & other types of forced group behavior).

      It is therefore very distasteful to profit from public good will & intention and hoax causes to raise maximum grief and empathy. The most disgraceful here would be that the money in many cases is not central to these hoaxes as fundraising often act as another tool to raise public attention around fake events.

      GoFundMe campaigns are so often tied to media-hoaxes that for any low-level or local fake event it seems it is a given standard procedure, and a close to certain sign of hoaxing and could actually constitute what could be called Forensic Fakeology Evidence

      * “The fear of public speaking is the most common phobia ahead of death, spiders, or heights. The National Institute of Mental Health reports that public speaking anxiety, or glossophobia, affects about 73% of the population.” -National Social Anxiety Center

      1. ab Post author

        Notice that it’s always a relative or family friend that starts the GoFundMe. The hoaxsters have figured out your psychology explanation for why most people don’t ask for help and therefore don’t have direct family members starting these things. The idea that the family, most likely recent immigrants, would hire a lawyer immediately is bizarre. My guess is a good chunk of the fund will go to the lawyers.

        1. xileffilex

          You’re right, Ab : a cynical recycling of money from well meaning, generous but duped citizens into the pockets of the lawyers who are always on hand to take their cut from any hoax or staged event.

        1. Unreal

          Very true that Fakeologist .com helps against habitual anxieties. This also goes for apparently less scary public phenomena such as nuclear radiation, mass shootings, terrorist bombs and the like…

          Would think one should equally be aware that not all amateur chatters that come on air actually are “amateurs”, despite their best disguise efforts. And quite naturally so, as the Truther scene when analyzed proves no less full of deception & paid gatekeepers than anywhere else when the general public is present.

          Voice Vices (article about electronic and analog voice disguise)

          TCC spreadsheets (article analysing conspiracy theory media production)

          [ herunder James Corbett from his “home” lying about nuclear waste from Fukushima among others, and contending to be an amateur voice of Truth ]


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