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IPS flying over the target

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That’s why he’s off youtube, again, without warning.

His audios are still on soundcloud.

I’ve said before it’s not worth complaining about, and it’s important to have your own platform or sharing systems.

[Infinite Plane Radio] Youtube Purged Infinite Plane Radio. It’s a Fascist Corporation. What else is new? #coppa #infinitePlaneRadio

podplayer.net/?id=88840502 via @PodcastAddict

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Beware of 3:30

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Clearly the most dangerous time to be on the road.

Either this story is real or

  • End of budget year, time to replace older cars
  • Scene is beside police repair center
  • Reports of 6 police cars wrecked to stop the car?
  • 33 is hoax code

I passed this scene on the way to work – they even have a road closed sign all set up. Handy for police to have that!


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