And pigs can fly…

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Found a backlink regarding Mozart and other impossible child progidy composer stories.

Here’s what the majority of 3 year olds are like.

Our boy genius Mozart. Other genii.

Born in Salzburg, Austria in 1756, Mozart was the seventh child of Leopold Mozart, the province’s court composer. But when Leopold became aware of his son’s talent — Mozart not only played the piano at age 3, but taught himself the violin at age 4 — Leopold put aside his own career to nurture and promote his wunderkind (and also his musical sister Maria Anna) [source:].

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9 thoughts on “And pigs can fly…

  1. tokarski

    This link take the reader directly to a long essay that teases the Mozart myth:…

    The substance is that a music publishing house was gathering up the best music of the preceding era, and willy nilly attributing all it could to Mozart in an effort to rewrite history and make the best music of the time Germanic in origin. It is hard reading but worth the effort – once you get through the technical musical part, it eases up. The idea that a five-year-old can compose for a symphony orchestra screams of lunacy.

    That is as far as I ever went with it, as I don’t much care for most of Mozart’s music, too choppy and busy for my taste. His 21st piano concerto is delightful, but this is all just my taste. I avoid modern music not because I don’t like it – I like it very much, but I hate ear worms. A brilliant piece like Paul Simon’s Graceland will haunt me for days. Same with Pink Floyd’s The Wall, brilliant work that I avoid. At least classical ear worms are more prone to relax me than annoy.

    Anyway, MM hit on Mozart recently and this adds more complexity to the brew … that he faked his death and continued to write from Prague well into his later years. That too is well worth a look.

    1. gaia

      Anyway, MM hit on Mozart recently and this adds more complexity to the brew … that he faked his death and continued to write from Prague well into his later years. That too is well worth a look.


      “Mozart” was just as much of a brand based on a bunch of actors as “Hitler” and “Osama”. If that hasn’t become clear from your or Miles Mathis’ research, I wonder where you spent your time on.

      In the ultrawealthy and powerful Austrian-Hungarian Empire of the time those concerts were restricted to the most Elitist upper class possible. All in secret lodges and whatnot.

      Nobody needed to know who “Mozart” was. Just some kid playing. There were no recordings, so they could use untalented kids in isolated cases without frequent concertgoers who could compare quality. Or paid to keep shut. Behind their masks and below their powdered wigs.

      The whole Rococo time was a fecking splurge theater piece in itself. How easy to fake “Mozart” in that…?

      The movie Amadeus (1984) is a masterpiece and enormously important in how it displays the conspiracy angles of that time. A must-watch for any truth seeker, along with Animal Farm (the cartoon), Network (1976), and other conspiracy movies, list on Fakeopedia of course.

        1. tokarski

          This glosses over the fact that someone had to write the music. I have the same problem with Shakespeare and the Beatles, that these are just actors, but the stuff got written. Even if the actors are not the writers, the real writers excelled.

          This aside from my not liking Mozart. Plenty of people trip on his stuff.

            1. gaia

              Indeed, seems like a no-brainer.

              In 18th century Salzburg you had more composers per square km than anywhere in the world. Easy-peasy.

              Shakespeare’s shit I have seen attributed to Francis Bacon or to a woman, so probably it is all of them; a group effort released under one name.

              Just as how business works today, or do you think Steve Jobs (who can only be regarded as a very smart and creative engineer, and I hate modern Apple fanboy culture) built or designed each Apple by himself?

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