Fake until proven real

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  • Shooter was Aviation Student, a Saudi
  • Three killed in classroom
  • Shooter was killeed
  • No blood, no tears, no evidence presented
  • MSM conflating this with Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard Shooting
  • On a military base so no MSM coverage from within the scene of the event
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7 thoughts on “Fake until proven real

  1. ricky

    Wow, this is some poor acting, I’ve been away from TV for so long and my mindset has changed so much in that timeframe, these examples are comical now. I understand better how checking in with mainstream narratives can be helpful to see what the latest hoaxers methodology is. Although it probably doesn’t change much, when your’ perspective changes , the liars look ridiculous. I’m thinking back on all the years I’ve watched similar briefings on TV, it’s all looked the same. All the right staging, credentials, costuming, a very serious presentation that has the “normies” believing every word. Thanks xileffelix, great examples of typical “official statements.”

    1. xileffilex

      Here’s a recent great example, Ricky – h/t Letsrollforums – the Santa Clarita SoCal shooting hoax
      Doctors on call to field the questions about the fake victims in the drill

      Perhaps the less convincing answers were edited out?

      And then out come the cops, sheriff and others to prop up the drill narrative

      It’s part of their job description…

  2. ricky

    Interesting thought xileffilex, “the hospital leadership would be expected to be in on any fakery which may or may not have happened.” It begs a question, how large is the network of hospital, police and emergency response team “spokesmen” in on the fake narrative ? Are they in every police dept. or hospital? That seems like a difficult scenario. There may be “go to” facilities and “officials” in place for fake events in any given region, your’ more “prestigious” facilities if you will, LOL! You raise a great point, these stories are a covert form of fund raising, despicable, but what else is new?

    1. xileffilex

      The written narrative for all these phoney fake attacks usually emerge through statements.
      Whether they are penned by those releasing them, or are prepared in our “intelligence” studios, we don’t know. However, everybody has their price in positions of leadership or responsibility. If the head of a hospital is told to release a statement, they’re not going to argue. They don’t see any injuries or corpses, any more than coroners pronouncing on fake deaths see bodies either. It’s all done through statements in court from compliant police officers, more likely handed to them by the same unknown agencies, for onward transmission to the MSM

      Here’s a great example from the recent and ridiculous London Bridge knife attack and narwhal tusk defence staged terror event – Source Sky News

      One person is in a critical but stable condition in hospital, an NHS statement has said
      Three victims in total are being treated in hospital following the attack. One is in a critical but stable condition, the second is in a stable condition and the third has less serious injuries.
      In the statement, NHS chief executive Simon Stevens added: Our heartfelt thanks go to everyone who responded to this incident, both the extraordinarily brave members of the public and our emergency responders.”
      “Our deep sympathies are with the families and all those affected by today’s incident.”

      Stevens, an ordinary lad who went to Oxford, is at the top of the health tree – unusual to have such a high flyer giving out the narrative for the hoaxed event. Nobody can verify anything, hospitals are so busy nobody would know whether real or imagined patients were present.

      Inquests are also sources for the release of information by insiders. No doubt the witnesses are under oath, but hey, who’s going to get prosecuted for reciting the original fake narrative in court?
      e.g. in the Westminster Bridge attack inquest..[phoney as hell]

      Dr Antony Hudson, from London’s Helicopter Emergency Medical Service, described how he arrived at the Palace of Westminster and was directed to two patients in traumatic cardiac arrest – Pc Palmer and attacker Masood, who had been shot by police.
      He went towards the officer because patients with stab wounds have a better chance of being resuscitated, the Old Bailey heard.
      Despite giving the 48-year-old a blood transfusion and operating on his open chest as he lay on the ground, there was no way that Pc Palmer could be saved, he said.
      Dr Hudson said it would have been ‘nearly impossible to return a cardiac output’ to a patient in that condition.

      [ suuuuuuure]
      source, Mail

      Similarly in the Volcanic Eruption drill in New Zealand, “experts” are put in front of the cameras to provide the narrative.
      Emergency department physician Dr John Bonning ** said scenes at Whakat?ne Hospital in the aftermath of the volcanic eruption were like a war zone.
      At a press conference on Tuesday, Counties Manukau DHB chief medical officer Dr Pete Watson said 25 of the injured were now in regional burns units in Christchurch, Hutt Valley, Waikato and Middlemore hospitals. Six patients were being treated in Auckland and Tauranga and would be transferred to a burns unit when there was capacity.

      ‘Everything was blanketed in ash’. Auckland Westpac Rescue Helicopter Intensive Care paramedic Russell “Rusty” Clark said the crews didn’t find any survivors.
      Job done! Trust the professionals!
      Source Stuff NZ

      *** who is the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine president,

  3. xileffilex

    The title “fake until proven real” is how we operate here. As an aside, we’re having a general election in the UK at the moment. So what better time to stage an event to support a party wanting more tax money spent on the nationalised health service [although the same staff also work in the private sector for ‘speedier treatment’ for the paying sick]

    The hospital also would like more money and so do the patients, ergo everybody is shootingh into the same goal.
    Ingredients – one allegedly sick child [better than a sick geriatric patient] one single photo. [i can't post it]
    but here it is
    4-y-o boy being treated on the floor of a large city hospital in Leeds
    source, with supporting narrative
    and a further “corroborative story” about the lad’s diagnosed [alleged] “suspected pneumonia”

    It look staged – so what better way to pre-emp charges of fakery and staging, but to create a twitter storm ** bringing in a well known conservative journalist to support the allegations of fakery, followed by the predictable deletion of tweets [including a wayback machine google cached tweet!!! – how’s that done?]

    The twitter storm continues – how dare anyone suggest that a four year old boy and his handlers would be complicit in such a dreadful staged event. Impossible!
    **false claims that the photo has been staged started appearing on social media.

    Origin of the story which was spread to the web suggesting the photos were staged and the “retraction” [all anonymous] A limited hangout for sure
    The original message was attributed by social media users to a Facebook post by a member of the public, who has now come forward claiming her account was hacked.

    The woman, a medical secretary, has received death threats after being named online as the source of the story, reports the Guardian.

    She said: “I was hacked. I am not a nurse and I certainly don’t know anyone in Leeds.

    Using a child means nobody can question the narrative. Think Aylan Kurdi etc etc.

    1. xileffilex

      Interesting those who were promoting this story early on –
      fairly local prospective and former “socialist” MP Yvette Cooper
      My God. This is truly awful.

      and a General Practitioner and big fan of the NHS [who, I guess. doesn’t also work in the private sector like many of his fellow medics]
      Dr David Wrigley @DavidGWrigley **
      This is a picture @BorisJohnson doesn’t want you to see.
      It shows Jack lying on the floor of Leeds Infirmary for 4 hours last week. He has suspected pneumonia. There were no beds and the A&E staff couldn’t cope. You have a big decision this week.
      Please vote to stop this chaos

      ** NHS GP. Author ‘NHS for Sale’. Vilified in print by Daily Mail & Boris Johnson. Lover of NHS.. despairing at govt neglect of it. Own views
      Quite a few people call it out as fake in the comments.

      The hospital leadership would be expected to be in on any fakery which may or may not have happened… cue the official narrative statement post hoc…
      Despite claims of a staged photo, Leeds General infirmary has confirmed that Jack did suffer due to an exceptionally busy week.
      “Our hospitals are extremely busy at the moment and we are very sorry that Jack’s family had a long wait in our emergency department,” said Dr Yvette Oade, the chief medical officer at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS trust.
      “We are extremely sorry that there were only chairs available in the treatment room, and no bed. This falls below our usual high standards, and for this we would like to sincerely apologise to Jack and his family.”

      Source, the on-side Guardian


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