4 thoughts on “FAC638-Geris trip

  1. geris

    What type of dissention are you trying to create ? Have I ever tried to divert any type of support from fakeologist ? You are trying to find an angle ,but you won’t.

    1. gaia

      Geris, this mentally deranged attic autist accuser of one of the wisest men who ever was around here really said this:

      “plane chatter devoid of fresh ideas [Agenda 2020! and 6 million more…] and referenced investigation [nobody reads Fakeopedia, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist].”


  2. Unreal

     listen to this 29 min chat! and learn from the strength and life lessons shared by Geris who has put the money where his mouth is… 

    Gaia (now posting as “Selene” on Discord)

    As much as going on air providing sounds is commendable, it would be more meaningful with topical Fakeologist research.

    Worthwhile alternative research becomes all but lost when the focus goes away from dedicated, referenced efforts of investigation of media-fakery & hoaxes and instead focus on leisure and triviality.

    Much as the Australian “fart” podcast represent a complete deviation from pushing any type of alternative research ahead, one would hope to be spared from this type of mindlessness here on Fakeologist.

    The initial strength of Fakeologist Radio is Ab’s willingness and open attitude towards investigating any type hoax, providing many in-depth interviews with actual proponents of alternative research on sometimes difficult topic matters.

    As the dedicated FAK Radio shows have become overshadowed by more open-format of audio-chats, it is apparent the focus on cutting edge research has shifted towards plane chatter devoid of fresh ideas and referenced investigation.

    Leisure has taken hold of the Fakeologist airwaves, and a general negative attitude towards any type investigation now becomes dominant. All types of MainStream News (MSN) narratives should be under scrutiny on Fakeologist and openly discussed – not repressed and ridiculed as now has become the norm by a handful of loud naysayers.

    Unfortunately, supporting travel expenses to join up with the likes of Rollo & Gaia just further the current deviating Fakeologist course from engaging research towards inconsequential chatter. Recent FAK member Geris might consider less travelling and more investigation, then legitimately ask Fakeologist community support.

    Those who value insight and investigation into media-fakery and hoaxes should more appropriately consider supporting Ab directly, thus encouraging more dedicated Fakeologist Radio shows and actual referenced research.

  3. gaia

    A beautiful solo chat with a good music break. All done by Geris outside and provided to us for free by Ab on his Fakeologist server. Great to see real Fakeologists keep recording and releasing these podcasts.

    How amazing is it that the one with the least financial means, and apparently most freedom-limiting personal circumstances (listen to this 29 min chat! and learn from the strength and life lessons shared by Geris) has put the money where his mouth is and actually made the biggest effort in his life to travel farthest in his life experience?

    “Just” to meet up with Rollo here with me in beautiful exotic equatorial Andean Colombia!

    This is Agenda 2020. This is learning, growing, making ourselves even stronger than we already are. Beautiful, even before the year ends (on December 21, obviously, 1/1 is the craziest New Year date ever) so much learning and life improvement (growth, evolution), is amazing to see. And then the trip and excursion needs to start even.

    Agenda 2020 Task set III – join!

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