New law on death certificates in Ontario from old psyOp

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Sometimes it takes a while to see some of the legislative fallout from a (ie. the solution portion of the manufactured problem/reaction/solution). This is an old one that’s been covered here over the years.

I’m not completely sure what the ramifications are going to be for future crime hoaxes, other than perhaps easier insurance payouts for future .

Laura Babcock’s family has finally received her death certificate — and it was personally delivered by the premier. Doug Ford visited the family to give them the murdered Toronto woman’s death certificate last month, said Ivana Yelich, spokesperson for the premier’s office. Thus ends a months-long saga in which the Babcock family was attempting to get the province to officially register her as deceased.

Source: Premier Doug Ford delivers death certificate for murder victim Laura Babcock to family | CBC News

Yelich told News in an email that the new regulations stipulate a declaration of death from a judge and a statement of death would be enough proof to register a person as dead, as long as 0;the courts have determined that the individual disappeared in circumstances of peril, is presumed to have died and there are no physical remains.”

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1 thought on “New law on death certificates in Ontario from old psyOp

  1. xileffilex

    In the UK , after 7 years a close relative can apply to have the “missing” person declared dead but what one receives is a Certificate of Presumed Death. To receive a Death Certificate, an inquest has to be opened by the Coroner “after sufficient time” Then relatives can cash in on insurance policies and assets.

    Strangely, a key hoax case which flooded the UK media throughout the 2000s the case of the ‘missing’ canoeist John Darwin who turned up alive after being declared dead. For some reason, not unconnected with the hoax, the coroner decided 13 months was “sufficient time”…
    Coroners are key people in many hoaxes.

    There’s nothing at Wiki on Canadian protocols or whether it varies between states.…
    but the “hand delivery” by Doug Ford is pure theatre.
    The “family” has no say in the opening of the inquest in the UK. I have no idea what persuades the malleable coroners but they will keep family members informed.

    From the Wiki link one can see that UK law was changed in 2013 to “simplify” the process – and note the putting to bed of the Lord Lucan disappearance psy-op in 2016 under the new law.

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