This was real

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I was minutes behind this crash.

There were no emergency vehicles attending when I went around.

I slid off and on the exit to get around the scene.

I’ve looked high and low for any further media, and can’t even find an obit or legacy page. I don’t see a gofu##me page.

This is the normal way death is handled. Quiet, discreet, without media.

A contrast to our daily .

A 24-year-old woman is dead following a crash on the QEW near St. Catharines this morning.

The two-vehicle crash occurred in the Fort Erie-bound lanes of the highway at Jordan Road at around 8 a.m.…

A family member knows someone who attended the funeral a week later. No word on an open casket.

Update:  Ian found some more info:


Funeral home link

Yes, there is a gofundme.

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4 thoughts on “This was real

  1. ricky

    I have to support “Unreal” in his critique of lowering the bar in critically examining fakery in media, audio chats and commentary. It puts some of us in a difficult position, I don’t like name calling and am not interested in picking fights, (I’m too old and don’t need the aggravation.) I do care about the integrity of this site and the value therein.

  2. Unreal

    I’ve looked high and low for any further media, and can’t even find an obit or legacy page. I don’t see a gofu##me page.

    Unfortunately, even the accident you (Ab) herover appear to have witnessed do present some very habitual elements of some type of fraud. Car accident victim Erika Enriquez did actually receive her fair share of newscoverage and a non-reassuring GoFundMe campaign in habitual bland phrasing.

    CHCH News
    Fatal crash on Niagara QEW as freezing rain swept the region…

    CTV News
    Young woman killed in crash on QEW near St. Catharines…

    iHeart Radio
    Visitation Today for Victim of Qew Crash…

    Global News
    ‘Skating rink’ roads blamed for fatal crash, multiple collisions in southern Ontario…

    St Catharines Standard
    Fatal crash closes QEW after freezing rain hits Niagara…

    CHCH News
    Family of Erika Enriquez remember her today as someone who loved people, animals and to travel…

    Major winter storm hits Hamilton and Niagara, part of QEW closed for fatal crash…

    101 more FM
    GoFundMe for woman killed in qew crash…

    ” Erika was always a positive, eternally happy and jovial young lady who loved to joke and laugh. She had an infectious laugh that was so endearing that no one could resist laughing with her. Erika was also a devout Christian. She prayed before every meal without fail. Her faith and belief in Christ was apparent in her daily life. Erika was kind to everyone she met and made them feel comfortable with her beautiful smile. She loved to dance, sing and travel with her numerous friends, especially her devoted boyfriend, Lester. Erika’s greatest love was her family and her dogs. Her morning greetings, hugs and kisses will be missed by her Ma, Pa and Jericho. Her dogs will miss her spoiling them rotten. Erika’s complete love for animals was evident through her care and affection of them. It was always sunny where Erika was and now Heaven will forever be sunny. ”

    Remembering Erika (GoFundMe)

    1. ab Post author

      Yes I found that later as I subsequently linked. While I can’t verify a death, I can verify the conditions and scene minutes after. That’s as close to eyewitnessing as I can provide.

    2. Unreal

      I overheard very briefly how you (Ab) mentioned this (gofundme) on air while leaving out Erika Enriquez name for some reason i did not really grasp. See now there are some links added at the bottom of your post.

      The meme of “it’s real” is clearly beginning to wear thin for my patience as so much resistance to investigating media-fakery has surfaced over the last year.

      Can’t say i remember that the itsreal meme even was brought up regularly before John Adams broke the line that he himself had made fun of for ages impersonating Alex Jones.

      It’s real is still a meme as stale as any Alex Jones parody and closely followed by belittling true, skeptic Fakeologist mindset as “itsallfake” weirdo’s. First in the queue of polymaths comes the likes of Gaia, Rick and their bad-cop-good-cop stooge Geris (to whom the NZ volcano death hoax is “a pointless event”).

      Fakeologist is an open platform which i applaud, but the assault that is made against diligent research and general skepticism is grotesque and transparent for those to whom Fakeologist research actually matters.

      Hearing you (Ab) cozying up with a nonsensical idiot like Rick as he labels a productive and thorough researcher like Xilefflex (FAC639) trying to argue a braindead position of his cousin being a nurse having seen numerous victims in overcrowded NZ hospitals… It’s harsh.

      It is infuriating that Fakeologist is sinking to FART level conspiracy coverage chatting about research apparently none of you have even read. Encourage you Ab to keep up to date with research once anew and hopefully keep the most foolish gatekeepers off air or at least not let them get comfortable*. Maybe even interview those who actually do research and not only hear out non-contributing naysayers.

      * did appreciate your (Ab) reaction to some of Rick’s authority fallacies as his whole family seemingly all had some insider, whistleblower info… Thing is, it’s all lies from Rick and i think you know as much, even if you won’t spell it out loud.


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