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The entire Bill Cosby affair is likely a high profile psyOp. Well documented by Mark here. I coined these Villain Celebrity Program or VCP.

Rape is a serious crime. Drugging someone without their knowledge is considered assault. Drugging someone to have sex is considered both aggravated assault and rape, and should result in a serious prison sentence, as much as thirty years plus ten, or forty per offense.

Source: The Bill Cosby Accusations – Piece of Mindful

Why did he agree to do it? Why do all these high profile actors do it? It’s part of the package, part of the deal to be (and remain) rich, or at least well compensated. Mark even speculates Cosby is old and ill, and may not know what is happening. This seems unlikely to me, especially if his immediately family might not consent for him.

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1 thought on “The Bill Cosby Accusations – Piece of Mindful

  1. ricky

    This invites speculation into the “nuts and bolts” machinations of the hoax industry. I also doubt Cosbys’ family would object to any twist or turn in a completely fictitious narrative, anymore than the Kennedy family or Clinton family or Epstein family or the Neil Armstrong family, you get the point. This supports the notion of lifetime actors and strongly suggests their “families” are all in on the con. I’ve commented on previous threads I have an acquaintance who I believe is a deep insider in the movie industry, one of his daughters was an early investor in “Facebook” with family money and is very rich, the other works for the same studio as her dad and is making a fortune. I believe they all live double lives and are well compensated for their “supporting actor” roles. Actually when thinking about it, who besides the misfits that reside on this site would even entertain such a notion?


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