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  1. geris

    Thanks for the kind word John,I myself will go to the southern emisphere (!) For the first time.
    Concerning the volcano ,it can be faked ,that doesn’t mean all volcanic eruptions are faked.

  2. John le Bon

    Fascinating call.

    Regarding the volcano event

    I haven’t looked into this one. Probably won’t bother. If they wanted to fake this event it would be a piece of cake. If there were a real eruption and they wanted to fake some victims that would also be a piece of cake. Anybody who suggests otherwise must still believe 9/11 was real, which would be absurd, given the website we’re on. The 9/11 hoax was orders of magnitude greater in size and scope than any ‘volcano eruption disaster’ hoax would be.

    Regarding christmas in Hanoi

    Yes, this is my first xmas in the northern hemisphere. Weather forecast for Hanoi this week suggests maximum temperatures of around 21 degrees celsius. Not much worse than Melbourne can often be at this time of year. It was however a few degrees colder than this a couple weeks ago during a cold snap. Also I was in Sapa recently which is a five-hour bus ride from Hanoi and there it was freezing, at one point it was literally snowing. Good times. Anyway after a year straight of hot weather, I’m enjoying the milder conditions here in Hanoi.

    Regarding the bootleg copies of JLB content

    Not sure if this was all a joke but let me say for the record that if people want to share my Member-only content, that is up to them, I can’t and won’t stop anybody from doing so. Bear in mind that if you are enjoying my work, and want to see me continue to do this for as long as possible, it is easy to support the JLB operation, and new Members are welcome to join. People lament the lack of quality media fakery-aware content out there, and for good reason: quality content is rare.

    When somebody is putting in dozens of hours per week to produce quality content, why not support them? In return you get direct access to the files as soon as they are released (rather than having to bum bootleg copies off others) and you also get your name in the credits of every Member Call podcast.

    Regarding the recent Markus Allen call

    This is currently Member-only due to Markus’ preference. In total the call comes out to two hours and forty minutes separated into two parts. We discuss Markus’ experiences in the scene, his interview with Greg Carlwood of THC, his departure from Hoaxbusters Call, his sudden reappearance and disappearance last year, war fakery, food fakery, and a host of related topics.

    It took me several hours to edit Part 1, and several more hours to edit Part 2. If anybody thinks they are somehow entitled to my work for free then I politely say they can go fuck themselves. And anybody who says they can’t afford USD $20 per month is either a liar or a legitimate retard who should not be in charge of their own finances.

    Either way, such a person is not the kind of individual my site is catered towards in the first place. Who wants to surround themselves with liars and losers? Anybody who can’t afford $20 per month is either a liar, a loser, or both. Paywalls keep away the very kind of human detritus which plague the so-called ‘truth’ scene.

    Even if I won a million dollars tomorrow I would keep my website paywall in place. It keeps away the people I don’t want to waste my finite time and energy being around. Any intelligent person values their time and energy. Do you value yours? I certainly value mine.

    1. gaia

      If I would have to name one lesson of just this young week, it is the truth of the paywall.

      Just for the quality of the podcast production it pays off to support Johnlebon.com.

      From that alone there is already so much to learn, especially for a beginning non-live podcaster as myself.

      Naturally, people recognize the value of effort. Someone painting your walls, fixing your car and creating a painting for you. Yet, in this Transhumanist Age, that is not “coming”, we live right in the middle of it, there is somehow the completely ridiculous idea that some random YT clip is as valuable as a podcast of the same length in which 5-40, my first ones, times more time is invested by a member of our combined effort in deconstructing narratives.

      Since when did people stop recognizing the value of things?

      So called “awake” “fakeologists” who should consider deprogramming from their own Transhumanism.

      Luckily there is Agenda 2020, with the first full podcast soon!


  3. antipodean

    Lets focus on the 3 Coffs Harbour Victims. As yet not mentioned in the local paper.
    The 3 victims pictured above on the Cruise Ship Ovation.

    Karen Griffiths, Mother of Victim Jason Griffiths is seen below laying a wreath at Whaktane for her son.
    Why is she even there if her son’s body had been flown back to Oz. Unless she was on board the Cruise liner with her son, maybe she took the photo.
    (go to 2 min. 50 sec. mark)

    1. xileffilex

      Woolworth’s employee Griffiths certainly doesn’t look like a typical cruise participant. [Oh, Richard Elzer is also a Woolworth’s employee..]
      Why would Woolies also pay for his 80 year old grandmother to fly out to New Zealand? It’s absurd.

      The MSM dutifully omitted to say which hospital Griffiths allegedly died in.

      The cruise line [which has gained excellent publicity] must have been complicit in this psy-op, in the booking of add-on trips when the ship was docked at Tauranga. It was a huge newsworthy event when the same ship docked there in 2016

      And, as with all these deaths, we have the calls for “privacy” – a psy-op standard.
      This “narrative” facebook page has a ring of phoniness to it.

      PS Karla also doesn’t seem like the cruising type…
      from a comment ” I worked with Karla at the shittest job of all time in Toormina 3 years ago.
      Two of the travelling companions Paul and Alex and named as Paul Merthyr [?] and Alex Severis [?] im this video

      And more privacy requested from Karla’s family
      We respectfully decline further requests for information and ask that our privacy is respected as we grieve the loss of our beautiful sister.

      Nicola Mathews and Kirk Mathews Bowden

      For reference , the amusing section in the above podcast relating to the volcano starts at 57minutes and continues again after the jingle at 1h 12m

      Cheers. xileffilex, CUNT and one-man disinformation campaign.

      1. antipodean

        Filex, good digging as always.
        So it looks as though the 3 Coffs victims were part of a group of 9 friends. This makes sense because these cruises are cheaper if you take a multiple shared cabin berth.
        They’re not that expensive, probably this cruise about 9 nights only visiting NZ, may have been about $2K each.
        I can see Woolworths of Coffs Harbour using the publicity to their advantage of being seen as a good local employer.
        So it looks as though Jason Griffiths’s Mother flew out to Auckland to be at his bedside in an Auckland Hospital probably Middlemore, (not far from the airport) with it’s extensive burns unit. I visited a badly electrocuted mate of mine there about 20 years ago.
        Also those on the cruise had a choice (apart from staying on board or hanging around Tauranga) between going to Matamata to visit Hobbiton or White Island, which would have been a much more expensive option.

        1. xileffilex

          Oddly, Antipodean, the only two friends in this alleged group of nine who get any media spotlight are Alex and Paul [I found the correct spellings]
          Paul Murtha and Alex Severus have since abandoned the Ovation of the Seas ship and are by the bed side of another friend at Auckland Hospital.

          The ABC understands the friend has sustained burns to 80 per cent of his body.

          “We acknowledge the mammoth efforts undertaken by Paul Murtha and Alex Severus **, who are travelling with Rick and Karla,” Mr [Peter] Elzer said.
          ** who decided not to join [the other three] on a tour of White Island on Monday.
          The expected media upload after the alleged cruise incident from Alex
          Nicola Mathews Love this photo of the three of you! Wish they were still here! Xx

          er, they are, Nicola.

          The NINE

          other gatekeepers in the nine –
          Leanne Cahill
          Samantha Brown
          Daniel O’Dwyer [Engaged to Samantha Brown ^^]
          Elwyn Bosler Thank you Daniel, for being a wonderful friend to my grand son Jason.
          All the support you did for Karen & myself while in NZ , will always be remembered.
          In this sad time, love & best wishes. Elwyn Bosler ( Jason,s nan )

          what, no other photos you lot?

          1. antipodean

            It would take a brave person to walk around Coffs calling BS on this.

            The group of friends travelling with Jason Griffiths, Karla Matthews and Richard Elzer has released a statement overnight:

            “We do so with the permission from all 6 of us who travelled in the group of 9 friends, and also with the permission of the families of the three victims, who have all read this.

            On the 4th of December 2019, we embarked upon a cruise as a group of 9 close friends who were looking forward to a wonderful holiday together. We enjoyed the first 5 days of our trip and have many memories that will stay with us forever. On the 9th of December 2019, we were devastated by the news that three of our friends were visiting White Island on a shore excursion during the time of the eruption.

            Some time later, we discovered that two of our friends, Richard Elzer and Karla Mathews, were still on the island. We have been advised that there are no signs of life on the island.

            We then located our third friend, Jason Griffiths, in a hospital in the early hours of the next morning. From that moment until the moment of his passing, Jason was surrounded by friends and family members.

            We are incredibly saddened to have lost three of our closest friends. We are in unison that we will not be responding to any requests for further information, including media requests. We ask that our privacy, and the privacy of Richard, Karla and Jason’s friends and family members, is respected.”

            – Alex, Daniel, Ellie, Leanne, Paul and Samantha

            1. xileffilex

              So no different from every other HRDPAR involving fake deaths. People ** would rather wish that others were dead than be happy that they are alive and recycled/reassigned. A topsy-turvy world indeed.
              I can just imagine “les six” sitting down together on their loungers on top deck and agreeing the wording of their “statement”, lol!

              ** the universal, MSM-trained death-worshiping, grieving victim cult, plus florists

          2. antipodean

            Looks as though Ovation of the seas is at the budget lower end of the Cruise Ship experience.


            Reviewers are not impressed with the ship’s cramped dining spaces and pool, average-at-best food and, as one reviewer puts it, “SO MANY GIMMICKS” — including robot bartenders that don’t add much to the experience.
            The one bright spot? The ship’s size, which several reviewers note is, at the least, impressive. (Its maximum occupancy is nearly 5,000 passengers.)
            Ovation of the Seas, which launched in 2016, was sailing in New Zealand and Australian waters, but is moving to Alaska for the 2019 summer season.

            1. antipodean

              White Island a nice earner for the cruise company. A huge mark up.

              Royal Caribbean has removed the White Island/Whakaari shore excursion page from its website but a cached version shows that it did not include any warnings about potential hazards on what it dubbed “one of the most active volcanoes in the world”. It charged adults US$324 (NZ$491) each for the seven-hour tour.

              “Get close to the drama: Gas masks help you get near roaring steam vents, bubbling pits of mud, hot volcanic streams and the amazing lake of steaming acid,” the site said.

              1. xileffilex

                This woman says $554 per adult [currency not specified] and would have had to be booked months ahead around 2m 15s

                1. antipodean

                  So either way a huge mark up. With potentially 4,000 + passengers on board and relatively small local tour operators, with less than 40 available spaces, the cruise company can charge it’s patrons what ever it likes.

  4. gaia

    A great podcast, and especially important to hear three mostly sound-thinking Subject Matter Experts and Enthusiasts share so many insights for free.

    Geris was on fire and debunked so many myths and accusations thrown at him, showed his learning in life, which is Agenda 2020 in every sense.

    Great and true words about Rollo, the other participant in the Colombia Conference next month.

    It indeed will be an amazing experience and not just because of the company, country, comedy, and other c’s as coffee….

    It will be because we want to grow; learn; ascend from the reactive mode still too prevalent.

    Geris nailed the “Mandela Effect” beautifully, definitely worth a good listen near the end.

    And very important; John Laws would not have been saying Fakeologist.com on Fakeologist.com and thousands of other audio clips played over the last 2 years without the great, free and fast contribution of Trypt(amine)

    As a very modest guy coming from an equally modest culture he may refuse to accept gifts, but if anyone deserves those he is. I am organizing a centralized effort to give him the best gift together.

    Fakeologist Discorders can please contact Geris for supporting Trypt, the Agenda 2020 members know how to find me.

    1. xileffilex

      Could you indicate which areas of fakeology, in your estimation, are the three “fakeologists” Exoterick, Geris and Ab ‘unsound’?

      And please stop pushing your “Agenda 2020” gibberish here.


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