JLB Chats with Markus Allen – Round 2 (12-Dec-2019)

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Another great JLB listen. For the record, I am not avoiding talking to Markus any more than not having time to talk with anyone!

Where has been for the past 15 months? Why did a discussion about war end his involvement in conspiracy culture? Does he still believe the scene is full of ‘disinfo’ agents and, if so, where can JLB apply for a job?

Source: JLB Chats with Markus Allen – Round 2 (12-Dec-2019) – John le Bon

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4 thoughts on “JLB Chats with Markus Allen – Round 2 (12-Dec-2019)

  1. xileffilex

    Does he still believe the scene is full of ‘disinfo’ agents

    I can’t for the life of me think he could have changed his mind, from my own observations.

  2. Faye

    Hi Ab and JLB, this talk would interest me but i was unable to listen to it as it is only for closed members of the website of John.

    Markus Allen is an interesting character of the 9/11 “truth movement” as his website Truthin7minutes and his affiliate podcast on talkshoe started in the second period of the 9/11 hoax management.

    If there is a possibility to open up the talk between MA and JLB for theh public that would be good.

    Thank you.

    1. John le Bon

      If Markus gave me permission to do so, I’d be happy to release Part 1 publicly.

      However, this call was organised on the proviso that it be released only behind the paywall.

      Reason being that Markus knows as well as I do, the difference between people who support independent content creators, and those who merely mooch.

      The former is an audience worthy of one’s time and energy, the latter is not.

      With all of that said, during our latest call, I asked Markus a lot of questions about several key interviews and calls he took part in during his more active days.

      Anybody who is unable to listen to my recent chat with Markus can still get a tonne of information and entertainment, entirely for free, by checking out the following:

      1) Markus Allen on THC (circa 2014): here.

      2) Markus Allen’s final appearance on Hoaxbusters Call (circa 2015): here.

      3) Markus Allen’s interview with Adam Curry of No Agenda (circa 2013): here.

      4) Markus Allen discusses the ‘pay for truth’ concept with Ab et al. (circa 2013): here.

      5) Markus Allen asks Simon Shack some tough questions circa (2012): here.

      The majority of my latest chat with Markus centred upon questions and discussions relating to those five interviews/calls.


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