IPS calls out Fakeologist mask doubter

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I don’t necessarily doubt mask technology but I do doubt it’s being used in the Dallas Goldbuggery method IPS is pushing.

[Infinite Plane Radio] FAKE ASTEROIDS, DEEP FAKES, AND MEDIA PROVACATEURS, #infinitePlaneRadio
podplayer.net/?id=90062403 via @PodcastAddict

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1 year ago

This was a pretty mild “calling out,” more of an aside comment by IPS. Nothing like his bashing of Brian Staveley awhile back, which was totally out of line in my opinion. Brian is obsessed with the “Mandella effect,” it’s not a topic I’m interested in but he’s provided enough evidence that it’s not nothing either, ironically IPS makes the point about masking being a real thing that runs parallel to the “Mandela effect.” That is “now you’ve gone too far.” That refrain should be familiar with anyone on the fakeologist site and their learning process, how many times when… Read more »

1 year ago
Reply to  Fakeologist

Yep, the Epstein is obama in a mask stuff is just as psilly as the mandela effect nonsense. That said though, ips knows his shite.