Christmas open house

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I’d like to have an open house on the audiochat Dec 25-26.

Make an effort to drop in and wish your fellow fakeologists a Merry Xmas.

You don’t have to stay long, just either stop into the lobby or directly into the livestream to leave your message.

Ping @everyone when you go in if you wish to speak to others.

Merry Xmas!

Also note I have opened another forum at It’s phpbb which may be the best forum software out. You’ll need another login for it. Apply today with your same username if interested.

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1 thought on “Christmas open house

  1. gaia

    What a great initiative to get everyone on board to share their thoughts For The Future. 2020 has already started, so we need to be on our toes. If not, by 2030 we will be on our knees.

    As an encouragement I would like to pose a question to wonder about; How Transhuman Are We?.

    One of many parroted Conspie Misconceptions I have come across is that the Transhumanist Age is “coming”, “on the rise”, “ahead of us”. This is self evidently wrong; us talking about it through transhuman means means that we right in the Transhumanist Age.

    So how big is our footprint in that Transhumanist World? With apparently its own rules and regulations. Where reality is lost in favor of invented, self-programmed poisonous thoughts.

    Read more about this central question and meme:……

    (no time to make a nice “photoshop”, Illustrator in my case)

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