HBC586—Chris wants to see the list of 97% scientists

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Call 586-Mother Gaia Euthanasia Society

2019-12-24 by darwinsdead

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Saturated fat, cholesterol and Climate Change, Mother Gia Euthanasia Theory, Greta Thunberg, A.O.C., The Green New Deal, Plant Based Diet, Evolution, Food Production, Food Waste, 3D Printed Goop, Fake Meat, Impossible Burger, Global Food Shortages, The Royal Family, Celebrity Culture, Brexit, European Union, Vaccines, Star Wars, Identity Politics in Film, The Fandom Menace, George Lucas, Avatar, -Outta Space Canoe Race by 5ive Style

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1 thought on “HBC586—Chris wants to see the list of 97% scientists

  1. gaia

    Beautiful boomerang effect logical application by Chris and his guest at the 1 hour 8 minute mark, funnily about “Gaia” (not me).

    Still listening, great to see the activity continuing.

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