2 thoughts on “FAC640-JLB, Ab, Geris

  1. John le Bon

    As planned, I turned this call into an installment of JLB Chats, the free podcasts available on my website.


    Huge thanks to Ab for facilitating the call and for everything he does here at fakeologist.com

    So far this post has 6 thumbs up, 2 thumb down.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: without a paywall, this website will always attract downers.

    People who want to bring other people down to their level, like crabs in a bucket.

    That’s cool, my site will continue to benefit, as more and more people interested in media fakery and related topics will make their way to my site, where the paywall keeps out the downers.

    Downers won’t sign up to sites like mine because, among other things, they tend to suffer from a scarcity mentality, and are generally terrible with money.

    This means that those who can afford the $20/m to jump over the paywall get to chat about media fakery and related topics without any downers there to ruin the conversation.

    Chalk and cheese, friends. Chalk and cheese.

    Merry festive season everybody and a happy new year.

    In 2020, let’s Make Fakeology Great Again.

    No. More. Realology. Nonsense.

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