Tim turns around a Las Vegas shooting “knows someone who died”

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2019-12-28 by Tim Ozman

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He talks about this movie Mirage Men (you can find it on Thepiratebay.org)

He also talks about Walter Veith.

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5 thoughts on “Tim turns around a Las Vegas shooting “knows someone who died”

  1. gaia

    You don’t even need to listen to see what is happening.

    I have seen it in the Fakeologist Discord too, with someone who theoretically is a truth seeker but cooks up a story he presents as real (fallacy).

    We don’t know anyone that died in these events, big or small, we might know someone who disappeared.

    The death part is make-belief. Parroting programming.

    The guy I was talking about, denying War as a Hoax, really claims his family member was killed in a Tommy Cooker (try to hold your laugh) on the 9/11 of WWII, the biggest Hollywood Story there is of the time……. D-Day.

    He sincerely believes that theater piece caused the death of his uncle, or what was it.

    No, that is parroting a military meme. The military (and psyops are military activities) decides for the cause of death. The military has its own laws, outside of what is so nicely called civil law.

    So by definition we can never ever verify the cause of death story, and we know at the same time what comes from the military.

    So people should stop using the wrong language. Disappeared, yes. died, no.

  2. tokarski

    At four hours I assure you I am not going to be listening … even I have a life. Can you pinpoint that place in the episode where the interesting words occur?

    1. ab Post author

      Yes it’s a long call that lasts over an hour. It started somewhere in the middle. He does too many calls for me to go back and bookmark.

      1. gaia

        @1:02:05 Tim Ozman “The Earth could be a cube, it doesn’t matter”

        Ehh, then you don’t think about the implications of your claims, Mr. Ozman.

        1 – you make a fool out of yourself with your Infinite Plane Society name, an even bigger one than you already do
        2 – really? since when do the shapes of things “not matter” anymore? A cube? Does Tim Ozman even spend 5 seconds thinking about his ideas? Cubes have 90 degree edges, where did world traveler Tim observe those on Earth? You see that it does matter what you throw out there?

        Everybody can and should do the Orion test which proves the Earth can only be a convex sphere.

        So no “ice wall” this Antarctic attic explorer postulates, programmed by Rowbotham and NASA.

        That and more “conspie memes” debunked on Mark’s blog here.

        A Happy New Year!

        1. smj

          Little buddy, I thought you were on the space is fake train. If you’re still on it by chance maybe you could tell me where you think the Orion belt lives hoyendia?


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