8 thoughts on “War is a hoax. Here’s why

  1. barbm124

    this Iranian general actually (Wikipedia):
    1. helped to fight against Saddam Hussein
    2. fought against drug dealers
    3. fought against Taliban after 911
    4. has been recently in Iraq to fight against ISIS

    And Trump ordered to kill him. Suits me.

    As for the movies like “Wag the Dog” or “Matrix” or “They Live” and many others I keep asking myself why do they make this movies in the first place?

      1. barbm124

        I’m not sure if you’re being sarcastic here. I may ask to much from a person who believes planets are just lights in the sky. Therefore I explain. IMO all news are fake news. News and history are written by the same people. Some of them describe scripted events, the majority is simply invented.

      1. barbm124

        why should they do this? They write Wikipedia as well. So tell us about this general and they probably simply want to know who’s paying attention. I keep some older printed lexicons at home. I also have a 1915 issue of Encyclopedia Britanica but recently digitalized one (as PDF) and I suspect some fraud there. I like to compare the contents of Wikipedia to this older versions of human knowledge. For instance there is no mention of Albert Einstein and his Relativity Theory 1915. He supposedly wrote 5 of his most important works in 1905 between March and August, which Wiki calls “explosion of genius”. But wasn’t mentioned in Encyclopedia Britannica 1915. Interesting, no?

  2. ricky

    It doesn’t seem like these phony stories are having the same effect on the stock market or the futures and derivatives markets as they used to. I know all of them are manipulated, so it begs the question, are “real” traders no longer taking the bait? Are more people not buying these “war” threats? Is a new narrative being created that nothing can stand in the way of “making america great again?” In the past, stocks would be down 600 points today, gold would be up 60 dollars plus, interesting to see how this comedy plays out.

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