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Beevie goes solo and talks about the Australian bush fires.

He also talks about two of my older pages here and here.

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1 thought on “FAC641-Beevie

  1. John le Bon

    Enjoyed listening to this, hope to hear more from Beevie.

    It would be cool if more fakeologists out there took some time to leave their own thoughts on the fakeology vs realology thing that has been going on here for the past year or so.

    Regarding the bushfires in Australia, I’m thousands of miles away so I’m sheltered from the news and dramas and political nonsense going on there at the moment.

    Some of the footage I have seen has seemed almost too hellish to be real. For example, look at this:

    Even though it looks too crazy to be real, I’m not saying it isn’t real. My suspicion is that it is real. But I don’t put any weight in video footage anyhow, it isn’t ‘proof’ of anything in an age where anything can be faked.

    As for the victim and burned house counts reported in the media, these could easily be faked, nobody would ever be any the wiser. But I don’t think they need to fake death counts in events like this, because real people can die in a bushfire. Given the scale of the fires apparently going on at the moment, it would be a miracle if nobody did die or get hurt this bushfire season.

    I don’t know what the official death count is at the moment and won’t bother checking, there’s nothing I can do about it either way, and apart from some morbid fascination with the hellish elements of the footage like that I linked to above, these aren’t the kinds of news stories I generally want to be reading in the first place.


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