Fake war, fake plane crash

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So many Canadians on a Tehran to Kiev plane? Another crashing Boeing? Is there even one element to believe in this story?


3 thoughts on “Fake war, fake plane crash

    1. xileffilex

      Naturally, the UK is in on this hoax, planned well in advance, as indeed would have been the phoney assassination of the unknown Iranian general. Coincidences like this just don’t happen.

      Let’s see who the UK “victims” are –
      We have predicitably a recently married couple off to new lives – CHECK!
      Saeed Khademsadi and Niloofar Ebrahim

      A divorced dad [recent one assumes **] off to a new life – CHECK!
      Mohammad Zadeh who ran a dry cleaning business in Hassocks, Sussex
      He certainly exists
      KADKHODA ZADEH, Mohammad Reza of Brighton, [lovely guy – CHECK!]

      **house purchased one year ago
      and a senior engineer for BP who had worked for the oil and gas company for 14 years. , Sam Zokaei aged 42.
      plenty of back story there too …

      42 years old – but also running a dried fruit company [aged 42, b. March/1977, check, no coincidences here!] in his spare time at BP hmmm

      A statement from BP….With the deepest regret, we can confirm that one of our colleagues at BP, Sam Zokaei, was a passenger
      Oh, so he was on BP business? Really? **** Or BP knows what he does in his private/dried fruit life?

      Seemed to have split from a director of another firm and both moved to new addresses –
      house sold 15 October 2018

      SIYADAT PAJU, Seyed Mahmood Otherwise known as Syd Siyadat
      who…Worked for BP in the UK for 6 years and carried out financial and performance analysis and management for a number of BP’s mega projects across the UK, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. During his tenure,

      Now, wouldn’t he be the go-to person for a quote? However, we are treated to this…

      His best friend of 20 years, fellow engineer and UCL PhD student Omid Nooranipour, told the Standard: ****“He had been visiting family like any other Iranian does in January.

      No family, I guess – CHECK!

      Any other clues – yes, an ENTIRE SWEDISH FAMILY relocated -CHECK!

      Black box data incomplete – CHECK!

      All you need to know it’s staged on the world stage – photos and biographies all ready – CHECK!
      Consular assistance [for relocation!] provided – CHECK!

      Last but not least – a total absence of plane parts – but as we know, planes just, er, vanish when they crash. CHECK!


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