JLB’s The War Hoax Explained

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If war is a hoax, then what happened to my [insert family member]?

Why do some ex-servicemen seem to have missing limbs, PTSD, and other ailments?

Piece of Mind War is a hoax thread

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7 thoughts on “JLB’s The War Hoax Explained

  1. John le Bon

    Fascinating that the War Hoax is now being discussed at PoM and by the recently-returned Chris Kendall of HBC.

    Over the past 12 months or so we have seen a gradual development of opinion on this topic by Ab, who appears to warming up to the idea that ‘war’ is indeed a hoax.

    Will we see such a development of thought from HBC or the regulars of PoM? I like to remain optimistic however I know that ‘war’ a very, very difficult line of programming for most people to even consider trying to undo.

    We were brainwashed with Orwellian-style ‘minutes of silence’ from a young age, to mourn the supposed deaths of millions of people who supposedly ‘died for our freedoms’ (lol).

    How does somebody ever overcome that kind of mind control?

    Forget ‘mk ultra’, we’ve all been MK-War Hoaxed, bro. Bigtime.

    1. xileffilex

      An early outing for the war hoax was in this 2015 chat between John le Bon and Psyopticon [briefly from 3hr 33m]
      The latter woke me up to the V1//V2 hoax at Cluesforum

      Not just minutes’ silences, but the continuous creation of extravegant war memorials, or their upgrading are everpresent to remind us of our fake history. Since my posts in 2014, on the 1943 Bethnal Green wartime civilian disaster , the huge memorial was completed in December 2017 [allegedly 173 dead in a stairway crush caused allegedly by friendly weapon fire nearby]
      ..where we learn crush survivor Joseph Walker, then aged 8, spent nine months in hospital recovering having suffered damage to his spleen, legs, neck and arms.

      Why wasn’t it created earlier? Because the narrative needed to develop gradually from total secrecy and ignorance of it. [see from 5:18 below]

      For instance, this alleged witness “Betty Clark”, then aged 11 but wheeled out in 2013, clearly saw nothing, if indeed she was ever there.
      From 2:12

      What do these “survivor stories” of elderly people remind us of?

      Annual memorial service instigated – CHECK! [barely remembered until 1993! Cue repetition of the official narrative yet again – CHECK!

      Architectural awards for the “Stairway to Heaven” memorial – nice income stream from public money for the artists and architects –

      1. xileffilex

        I do commend fakeoloists [and realologists – vote down, please] to listen to the above 2015 chat, continuing to the discussion between Psyopticon and Typoerror about George Orwell. Perhaps George was pulled out and his long decline with consumption was hoaxed up? But what do we find on Eric’s wiki page [not referenced]
        In June [1944] a V-1 flying bomb struck Mortimer Crescent [Maida Vale London] and the Orwells had to find somewhere else to live. Orwell had to scrabble around in the rubble for his collection of books, which he had finally managed to transfer from Wallington [a remote village, south-west of Cambridge], carting them away in a wheelbarrow.</em


        Wikepedia continued…
        [Orwell’s widow Sonia] Brownell died in London of a brain tumour in December 1980, penniless, having spent a fortune trying to protect Orwell’s name and having been swindled out of her remaining funds by an unscrupulous accountant. Her friend the painter Francis Bacon paid off her outstanding debts. At her funeral,

        Estate – £289,109 in 1981. Further grant of £75,000 in 1982.
        Address 100 bis Rue D’Assas, Paris.


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