Trumping a plane conspiracy

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Trump tends to foul conspiracy research, being a dabbling truther and all.

This Iranian speculation helps make me quite sure that we’re dealing with a fake event.

If the President, the 0;most powerful man on earth” can’t know, then he’s confirming there certainly is no way you can know.

Speaking to reporters in Washington on Thursday, U.S. President Donald Trump said he has “suspicions” about the cause of the crash.

“I have my suspicions. I don’t want to say anything because other people have their suspicions also,” he said.

Trump says he has ‘suspicions’ about Iran amid reports of missile strike…

3 thoughts on “Trumping a plane conspiracy

  1. davieb

    ok, I get how they could hire a actor to play the part of the grieving husband but could someone please explain to me how they get a group of people together for a funeral for this person?
    I cannot figure this out.

    please go to 1:42 in the video to see the funeral…

    1. ab Post author

      The latest is the plane was full of nuclear scientists, or those involved in the “Nuclear” program of Iran. They were told they’d be kept safe in Iran if the US attacked. Some didn’t believe that so they chose to leave knowing the risks. This is yet another seeded story meant to appease doubters and once more cement the plane being shot down central myth.

    2. ab Post author

      What happened to these people? Iranians are intelligent, educated people. They are the Europeans of the Middle East. A new gang wants to take over Iran, and they need a popular uprising to make it happen. My guess is these real people have new identities, and are hiding out in Tehran waiting for their regime’s turn. If it doesn’t happen, they’ll be back in Canada living life under new identities. No one will be the wiser.


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