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  1. anounceofsaltperday

    John The Good, you are a master of understatement. I am NFI (Not Fully Informed) about “sync”… I had no idea I was expected to make a contribution on that topic. I was told the theme of the chat was “Witness”… so I spoke about that.

    And, once again, you are completely correct in your view that I have no interest in the topic of “sync”. Ditto the Silverstrine koala bears…( I am sure they were called Skippy).

    It would be fair to suggest that I don’t that I don’t give a flying monkeys about “sync”. So I am, guilty as charged.

    I will just wait for the topic to sync, and once it does, I will dust off my platform shoes, staggers jeans and lime green body shirt and reappear, when everything old has become gnu…. AGAIN.

  2. John le Bon

    Interesting conversation, allow me to share some thoughts.

    Excellent to hear Sync Book contributor Ded Kelly on the call. I hope that this becomes a regular thing. The broader Fakeologist community (for want of a better term) is miles ahead of most of the ACT realm when it comes to media fakery, but sadly still lagging behind when it comes to an understanding of ‘sync’.

    Even in this call, Frank didn’t sound particularly interested in sync as a concept, presumably because he believes any attempt at describing or reflecting upon reality which is not bible-based is beneath him or otherwise subordinate to the understanding he feels he has already acquired.

    Those who have not yet taken the time to read the Sync Books for themselves are missing out on something very special. Sadly the sync community (again, for want of a better term) has been on the wane for the past few years, their best is probably behind them. Even at their peak, their general ignorance of media fakery hampered their research and discussion. However, the sync people made a sensational contribution to the world with their books and podcasts and videos and blogs, and I for one will always be grateful.

    I hope that ID will invest in a better mic before his next call, because he sounds intelligent and thoughtful and I for one want to hear what he has to say.

    Frank sounded happy and generally positive and as such was pleasant to listen to. Perhaps in time he will finally grow out of the ‘shills / agents’ meme which he and certain others so successfully propagated throughout the media fakery segment of the ACT realm back in the day.

    It is also possible that because these fellows reinforced one anothers belief in agents / shills for so long, they may not be able to ever truly move past this framework, it is too heavily programmed into their minds. This would be a shame but at the end of the day, belief in agents / shills probably won’t hurt them, it will merely limit their capacity for intellectual growth.

    As for me, I am not a jesuit, at least as far as I am aware. I had never heard of a jesuit until random people on the internet started accusing me of being one (when I first began creating content), and to this day I still don’t really know what a jesuit is or how to go about joining their ranks. If any jesuits read this, please feel free to contact me and explain what I need to know. If the pay/benefits are good I will certainly consider any proposals for prospective membership. No oaths, though; I don’t do oaths.

    I appreciate the kind words said about my research and content during this call. A large proportion of my work is, of course, merely building upon the excellent done by others who came before me. Guys like Markus Allen were taking skepticism to new levels before I even stepped foot in this scene. Rae West, Max Ratt, Dave J, even my haters like Simon Shack, there’s several people who made lasting contributions which either sparked my interest or laid the foundation for my own work which would come later. It goes without saying that Ab himself has been not merely a facilitator but in some important ways an inspiration along my journey as well.

    Perhaps in time, more people will take a collaborative approach to fakeology, and instead of looking for ways to call each other names or diminish each others standings, people will try to see the good in each other and build upon the worthwhile work which so many of us are capable of. A man who wants to find enemies will find them, but what man wants to fill his mind or life with enemies? What man wants to spend his finite time thinking about the people who supposedly want to stop him from achieving his own goals?

    We live in amazing times and have magic at our fingertips. Any person who wants to focus instead on the bad (real or imagined), I wonder what went wrong with this man. We all go through ebbs and flows, peaks and troughs, there is nothing inherently wrong occasionally considering the bad in the world (and in our own mind). The issue is the focus. Anybody who wants to focus on the ‘bad’ of JLB (real or imagined), my question to them would be: why?

    [ P.S. to the guy who uses sock accounts to multi-downvote almost every comment I make on this site, but never respond to any of the points I make, please keep up the good work: you are helping to prove my point that paywalls keep out the human garbage 🙂 ]

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