Let the money flow ASAP

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There really isn’t any official death list – most of the vicsims are identified by travel agencies and friends of the family. Forget hiring Kenneth Feinberg-in Canada our government is willing to write a check before one shred of evidence is offered.

Canada doesn’t even have an embassy in – it cut ties years ago when told to by its globalist masters. Despite this lack of relations, we’re told Canada is sending crash investigators into the country. How does this make any sense?

It only makes sense if this is a highly developed . Vicsims or reassigned Iranians getting paid.

The federal government says it’s considering paying out interim compensation to families of Flight 752 victims who died last week in Iran after Tehran’s military shot down their commercial aircraft.

Source: Canadian government may offer interim compensation to families of Flight 752 victims – The Globe and Mail

2 thoughts on “Let the money flow ASAP

  1. xileffilex

    Ah, from the Fetzer post above, we can see that a rudimentary and incomplete chequerboard of “victims” was available on Jaunary 8
    go to 45:33 at the end of the video

    Some of the Canadian “victim’s” names. who I’m sure did exist [as the handful of UK fictims certainly did], have become available in the UK, listed state by state. I haven’t had time to go through the list yet.

    An interesting psy-op.

  2. xileffilex

    It was laughable when the death toll was “lowered” from 63 to 57. I wonder if they will produce one of the chequerboard “victim” sheets for the 57? Among the paucity of advertised Canadian fictims are the usual newly married couples and whole families. Pretty standard reassignment and relocation material [as indeed were the 4 whom the UK supplied to this important hoax]

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