2 thoughts on “FAC646-John Le Bon

  1. davejyoutube

    Stephen, you have taken what was not your’s to sell and sold it. You are nothing if not standing on the backs of those that came before you. YOU are in fact a Company with nothing but your own Companies interest at concern. If you played straight with people and told them this it would go better for you. What you are doing in business is not new, It is called Predentary Practice,

    No one but yourself will make or break what you think is Success, when you have no one left to steal from your influence will stale and whiter away as important to those that buy at your table today. The Muti Level marketing and connected Associates thing is nothing new as well. Just finding new Suckers’ that will beat up on the “normies” , that is what you call them right…..Become an apostle of “john” for a “few copper a week” right.


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