Imagine this scary thing in you

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Viri are a hoax.
As such, you can’t get them.
As such, don’t be afraid of the latest figment of the controllers’ imagination, the corona version.

Virology, like nuclear science, is completely fake.

It’s a cover for all the bacteria that is resistant to anti-biotics, which are simply stimulants for our OWN .

Bacteria are REAL, and their waste is toxic. That’s what triggers illness in death in humans.

The below graphic is SCARY looking. It’s also artwork. No one has seen a virus cell EVER.

It’s still ok to be preventative and keep all bacteria that doesn’t belong in your system away from you. Clean your hands and cover your inputs if possible.

Otherwise stop worrying. No corona/zika/ is going to get you.

You can find a lot of interesting things if you start digging around in ice that’s been frozen for thousands and thousands of years. For scientists working in China, 15,000-year-old glaciers on the Tibetan Plateau provided a glimpse into the not-so-distant history of viruses, including some entirely new viruses that were previously unknown to science.

Source: Scientists found ancient never-before-seen viruses locked in a glacier – BGR

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1 thought on “Imagine this scary thing in you

  1. barbm124

    that’s not entirely true, dear ab.
    for starters: nuclear science is real, it’s just the nukes, which are a hoax. I’m still not sure about nuclear plants though. Yet still, radioactive, unstable elements do exists and can be isolated from stable ore. And they create lots of heat together with heavy water (Deuteriumoxid). I’ve seen that myself in my university times.
    Bacteria produce poison only under deoxygenation when they are forced to die. This is often the case in hospitals where they do surgeries, amputations and such. Then there is dead meat everywhere and personal who is disinfecting hands instead of washing them spreads cadaveric poison on already sick persons. Disinfection does not neutralize a poison. That is the reason for sepsis and such. It always happens in a hospital. Never at home.
    No sickness can be cause by pathogens. That is a hoax. You cannot infect yourself with a sickness from another person as you cannot infect yourself with someones broken leg.
    There are 4 different types of tissue in our bodies. It’s nerves, muscles, skin and bones. Any sickness concerns always only one type of tissue. Our cerebrum contains of 4 different lobes. If a tissue type is affected by a sickness it always generates activities in the same lobe. This is what sickness really is. Any sickness. There are no pathogens in the game. Having the wrong attitude is maybe the strongest component in what causes a sickness. For instance, if your doctor diagnoses you with a cancer, this will scare the shit out of you, you’ll lose your will to live and get really sick even without a chemo. And if you agree to a chemo, it will give you the rest. My friend, a pretty lady in her 40s, recently died after being diagnosed with breast cancer and agreeing to a chemo. She didn’t listen to me. It’s hard to fight a religion.

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