We only plan in detail one year ahead

like this

Good movie called News Benders 1967 showing how hoaxes and are written and planned years in advance.

h/t Cluesforum.info

3 thoughts on “We only plan in detail one year ahead

  1. adam

    That’s a great find.
    It predates Wag the Dog by 30 years!

    The clip below from ‘Hard Day’s Night’ has a similar social engineering vibe to it but it’s nowhere near as interesting. Quite telling all the same.

  2. xileffilex

    Vaireee eeenteresting. I saw this film eemerge at CF through Kickstones in November 2019 – who didn’t say how they had come across it.
    It seems to have been exhumed by those responsible for the film/book Chasing the Moon which is no conspeeracee project back in January 2019 –

    I wonder why Chasing the Moon would want to exhume this early space hoax exposee? Perhaps another limited hangout.


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