Kobe is a slab of premium Japanese beef

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I have a sync story, and I don’t think I even believe in sync.

While sitting in a Japanese restaurant today, I quizzed Ken, the Japanese chef, if he thought Kobe beef was worth the 300% premium over my filet mignon.

He reviewed levels of Japanese beef, and said it was very high quality, 50% marbled, but some found it oily.

He didn’t think it was worth the premium.

Not even an hour later a guest sitting to my left muttered that Kobe Bryant was 0;dead”.

I then read on Wickedpedia that he was named after that famous beef. Really.

Let the thread begin.

NBA legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter were among five people killed in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California, on Sunday, a source confirmed to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. Bryant was 41.


has a great comment from the discord:

" Could someone put up and connect the red yarn threads on the wall connecting Koybie to the why. Please? "@JamieManwoody You might be new to Fakeologist? Most that come onto this server would be familiar with the concept of a media hoax (fake/fabricated news) which i do presume you are as well (JamieMW). – The Kobe Bryant death hoax is a perfect example of a prominent media hoax. The main objective of such hoaxes is to deliver a planned dose of misery and fright for the general population. In this case they bury a star which is an opportunity to occupy public attention even longer by setting up a long-haul campaign of profiteering both economically and in terms of media following & trust. – So-called stars are built up in the media often to the very purpose of being taken away to great public distress. – In order for news to be newsworthy and the Elite establishment to be in the public limelight, high-profile “star” celebration is very effective to achieve goals of media coverage and impact. Kobe Bryant well fit into a known hoax model that in FAK terms would be the DCP – the . – Of course, very few on this site are new to the DCP (Dead Celebrity Program), and the list of case studies rather long. Recent fake celebrity deaths would include George Michael, Prince, David Bowie, Robin Williams, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Whitney Houston, Steve Jobs, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Heath Ledger… The list is long. – Fakeologist blog : Dead Celebrity Program category fakeologist.com/blog/category/… – Fakeopedia* : Dead Celebrity Program fakeologist.com/fakeopedia/ind…
* would be useful to correct the Fakeopedia page title that gets the "Dead Celebrity Program" wording and concept wrong (Death of Celebrity Person). A dedicated DCP fakeologist forum thread to better outline the main concept would be a useful addition equally



19 thoughts on “Kobe is a slab of premium Japanese beef

  1. davejyoutube

    The fact if this Matter is Simple, Nobody Died and Nobody Got hurt, It is a HOAX period. Now any discussion is merely taking apart the “engine” of the Story more than anything else.

    Just a simple evaluation from the First placed I looked yesterday. LA times, the local Rag,

    Again, how do you tell the hoax right at Jump? The 7 code, SO called Kobe Bryant story is a Hoax of course, but to show you the Code that is always present ….always!! “Kobe Bryant, 41, the legendary basketball star who spent 20 years with the Los Angeles Lakers, was (not)killed when the helicopter he was traveling in crashed and burst into flames Sunday morning amid foggy conditions in the hills above Calabasas, sources told the Los Angeles Times.” OK now Numbers this is the Introduction, Zion or Crack to the Temple in hopes of making a SPARK you will follow. 4 1 2 0 = 7
    Ok then, next, “His daughter Gianna, 13, was also on board and died along with three others.” 1 3 3 = 7 so then 77 bell ring 14 aka 5 IDEA that drives a MAN(5) inside if they BELIVE. DO not and save those out from this lie that start to fall.

    Who is the shill,troll, money maker who is going to steal this 7 code understanding its been over 10 years now talking about it. come on SLow thieves

    Please see my Mind computer videos or the one I just posted the other day at my youtube, No cost to you. All you have to gain is your True Life. www.youtube.com/channel/UCUT83…

  2. ricky

    The way the media has covered this affair, from the insta- tributes, to the insta- memorials, the insta- interviews all oozing an artificial sheen, and faux sincerity shows the fakery firing on all cylinders. I caught sports commentator Colin Cowherd feigning sincerity “trying to make sense of it all.” “We can’t explain when we lose a Kobe or Whiney Houston or Michael Jackson.” Oh he can explain it alright, he just can’t reveal it! The only sincere moments came from an interview Michael Strahan did with Jerry West, maybe the old warhorse isn’t in on the hustle. (If not he deservers an oscar.)


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