Celebrity worship is real

likes this

That’s why they’re taken from the masses. It’s simply to mimic the Jesus archetype.

I thought of this when I read a message from someone I work with.

Man he was my idol growing up as a kid from LA! I can’t stop thinking about him I loved him

Good Kobe helicopter discrepancy video.



11 thoughts on “Celebrity worship is real

  1. barbm124

    of course it’s real, dear ab. As any worship is. They created the image of a star (music star or movie star, or whatever) and then mass media made weak minded people to worship them. That’s why girls collapsed when Elvis entered the stage, or the Beatles a few years later. I recently watched this Depeche Mode 101 movie. It demonstrates brilliantly how some average wannabe artists can be made into super stars for a while. Without constant media support, they disappear into oblivion. The same thing happened to Jesus by the way. Before mass media there was only the church. Priests spread the message to the masses via the “Mass”. Do you see the connection? It’s an ongoing project. They worked on mass printing machines since the 19-th century but the technology wasn’t ripe. It was a world wide project back then already. They knew, they need to spread the same content to everybody. That’s why such a great effort was spend on developing the newspaper, which requires not only a mass printing machines but also rolls of high quality paper and a proper distribution. And the newspaper had to be cheap, so anybody can afford it. Today the same message reaches all people instantly thanks to the internet which also was developed with a great effort. Smartphones are becoming more and more obligatory. In future a message will not only be instantly spread all over the world, it will be instantly processed for you won’t be allowed to ignore your smartphone beeping.

    1. ab Post author

      Just got my latest emergency alert while at the airport. It’s fascinating watching large groups of people scramble for their slave tracking devices to silence the bleating. Even these ubiquitous messages are now ignored. They’ll need a new way to get to the sheep soon.

      1. barbm124

        “fascinating” (Mr. Spock). Isn’t it? That virus has befallen not only children. I see entire crowds every day grasp for their smartphones in search for answers as soon as they leave the train. They walk like zombies then stroking carefully the displays of their devotional objects. Ancient religions never reached that level of devotion. Looks like the priests finally found the right way to control their worshipers.

  2. ricky

    The “corona virus” struck me as a possible pre-cursor to a “banking and stock market crisis” as well Misom. A good friend messaged me today saying he took his money out of the market because he’s worried about contagion. He’s not in on the fakologist mindset, the broader public is so easily manipulated, it’s breathtaking to see it in action. Why not steal half of your’ investments and blame it on a virus? Who could have seen that coming! LOL! From the mindset of our overlords, it’s just too easy!

    1. barbm124

      ricky, the corona virus hoax will soon bring a new flu vaccine to the market. And people will take it. It’s winter, people get cold and big pharma wants to make some money. In the past they claimed, the virus mutates and therefore they make a new flu vaccine every year. This does not sell anymore. This corona virus vaccine will be like a new iphone. Somebody will always want it.

  3. misom

    The nutworks might be stress testing and evaluating the grid for the upcoming banking crisis, there’s a lot of unprecedented acts played lately, unknown generals are becoming new che guevaras, planecrashes are hoaxed but then admitted as real by the scripted culprits, viruses are deployed to take the blame for hsbc hongkong…
    I find it though remarkable that the land of the free brings up a basket ball player, this could be understood as a cock attitude, no?

  4. ricky

    That strikes me as bizarre xileffilex, that amount of hype in the U.K. It isn’t princess Diane for chrissakes. We have the “Super Bowl” on Sunday which should be good for enough hype to last for another couple of weeks from today (possibly.) Maybe we should start a “Fakeologist Celebrity “death” pool,” per your’ suggestion, “who’s next?”

    1. xileffilex

      We even have the “mix-up” [wrong bodies, etc etc] part of the psy-op – the BBC showed footage of another [unknown to me] super-rich basketball hero, Lebron James in the exciting number 23 shirt while urging its listeners to grieve over Kobe. Totally unbelievable, but great for spreading the psy-op even further.
      We must worship these people in their helicopters, it’s what we all aspire to, right?
      On now with planning the “state funeral”

  5. ricky

    You couldn’t be more accurate Ab, the Jesus archetype or you could substitute the word “hero.” I’ve been following this coverage as a classic case study. It touches all the bases, it brings the importance of the “tragedy template” to the forefront. The commentary all seems pre-scripted and inauthentic, the larger than life legacy building is so thick with idolatry, layered over with forced anecdotal memories, it’s cringeworthy when you understand what’s being done. His legacy is further resurrected with victim-consciousness regarding a black mark on his legacy, (rape charge.) All is forgiven, he and his daughter “died” young. I think it validates the importance of 911 as a benchmark template in examining media hoaxes.

    1. xileffilex

      I have zero interest in basketball and had never heard of this individual [no shame there, it’s not a major sport in the UK] Now our newspapers are producing acres of grieving and tributes for people who have similarly never heard of him. It’s the main chatter in schools. A fascinating psy-op. Who’s next?

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