Flat earth blues

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All I learned is that my interview was used without attribution and JLB Inc. thinks less of me in the comments.

I was the first to call Mark (supposedly) mainly because I had the time and curiosity at that exact moment to call. No idea he’d pick up as I said in the call.

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4 thoughts on “Flat earth blues

  1. davejyoutube

    Losing JLB.inc, IPS and all those Purveyors of errors is not a big loss to you in any way. I will only say again, “watch out for snakes”

    Oh and “thirst for truth”(WHat a bufoon) write that “shill,troll,whatever)you want to call “it” off at this point……. blank Waste of time….you never get back, it’s in the TONE. (see mind computer video or my last post a few days ago for more)

    by the way Mark Sargent and Eric dubay and the rest of the flat earth Charlatans have stolen work just like all “Wise” carpet bagger’s. FOr example from the 1800’s-early 1900’s(nothing KNEW under the sun, THis is not a New topic of discussion) a few books that you will see familiar experiments and discretions to those used by todays Work thieves.

    you are welcome to review others books I have on my issue page. both links above gets you there.

    1. Unreal

      Seems to me the paid operators behind the “Thirst For Truth” YT channel are using digital voice sampling as well to disguise their identity.

      This is of course a standard fake Truther procedure that allows the same group of agents to play multiple characters and also reincarnate later into the changing currents and flavors of the Conspiracy movement. Paid agents do not go away – the reappear elsewhere with new hats, beards, avatars and voices.

      As for the staged nature of Ab’s call to phoney FE Truther Mark Sargent – i do tend to agree coincidence is not very credible. Sargent Mark and Admiral Bird, all intel.

      ” If you want a complete breakdown check out Dr.James Fetzer and his wonderful breakdown of this Parkland Production ”
      Thirst For Truth YT 2018

      Voice Disguise Deception (FAK forum)

      Voice Vices – audio can be faked too (article)

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