Hoax code DNA to Iran plane crash hoax rescue

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Nothing spells hoax more than DNA.

Can someone show me the procedure, lab, and technician who takes a fragment of whatever from wherever and uses it to match one double helix to another?

Who has their own DNA profile available, especially a dead person? Watching old murder mysteries and Rockford, I remember how hard it was to dust for and secretly obtain fingerprints from suspects. Even if they had given blood in the past, no lab retains it and they do prescribed tests. No country has a DNA database, let alone blood type database that I know of.

Think about the absurdity of the above sentence. This is fantasy science, and should be dismissed OUT OF HAND as impossible.

Omar Alghabra, the prime minister’s parliamentary secretary, said for privacy reasons, he can’t confirm if the government will do any DNA testing on human remains recovered from the crash site.


Now that the Kobe/Corona twin hoax has erased the hoax off the screen, let’s ask how the investigation is going?

Even if there was a crash, raise your hand if you think a country that we have no official relations with would let our crash investigators into their country to usurp their case?

What plane crashes in Canada do our investigators get their experience from?

No names for our sim investigators.

2 Canadian investigators returning from Iran plane crash probe, say black boxes remain

4 thoughts on “Hoax code DNA to Iran plane crash hoax rescue

  1. barbm124

    what is a DNA profile in the first place, dear ab? How do they save the gelelektrophoresis strip pattern, they use to compare two DNA probes in a DB? Especially if two tests of the same probe lead to two different strip patterns. How to they automatically compare this patterns? The DNA is an organic acid, which cells produce for their replication. It chemically consists of four different bases, if in the form of a helix or not. They even say themselves, that the DNA of an ape is 99% the same as that of a human. How do they find differences between humans then? It’s not like they can really compare the molecules. It’s chemistry. The best they can do is some form of spectrography, which gives some statistic information.

  2. ricky

    That quote is an example of how the laws of physics and natural real world experience is constantly being nudged into the realm where blatant fakery can be substituted in their place via media immersion. Of course, the public acceptance of planes disappearing into skyscrapers green-lighted ramping up this technique. It’s to the point where it doesn’t even matter what’s presented in the media, no matter the departure of peoples real life experiences. Planes can vaporize, children are slaughtered in elementary schools, Uranus has a bad odor, we now all love Kobe, if it’s not nukes it’s asteroids, now it’s a pandemic. I’m losing interest in interacting with most people, even loved ones. I’m not changing, they are, it’s mass programing created on purpose and it’s working. Quite a sight to behold, especially how confident the masses are in their beliefs, as a surfer, I used to say, “there’s nothing worse than a confident kook,” they’re dangerous and get in trouble. I see the public that way now, confident in their programming, what a system, I can’t reach them no matter how logical the information is. It gets old limiting your’ dialogue and subject matter to a third grade level but here we are. Thanks xileffilex for your’ dogged pursuit of this nonsense, it does have great comedic value for those of us with the fakeologist mindset!

  3. xileffilex

    Yes, it’s absolute nonsense that Canadian “investigators” would be allowed in. A former head plane crash investigator in the UK proffered his expert opinion on the crash site – all very normal to this gatekeeper….e.g. the absence of most of an aeroplane, seats, wings and all.
    “I’ve seen a few photos of the crash site. The wreckage shows a high degree of break up which indicates that the plane crashed vertically at speed into the ground. There seems to be a lot of relatively small pieces of debris.”
    The use of dental, DNA or fingerprint records is usually a hoax giveaway.

    Remember Kobe was “identified” by his fingerprints….


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