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Harvey Weinstein-rape VCP

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The only way to explain this farce is that it’s fiction.

Like Bill Cosby, this media operative has agreed to go along with this seeming humiliation as part of the deal to be a wealthy media propaganda pusher.

I call this the Villain Celebrity Program. Like its cousins DCP and MCP, celebrities participate in Noble lies in exchange for their great public success. The purpose is to advance social causes that would otherwise go unnoticed without being attached to celebrity.

Celebrities or influencers are our cultural leaders, with the greatest VCP sitting in the White House.

This story only makes sense in a fictional context.


Prosecutors say that keeping victims close was a key part of Mr. Weinstein’s predation. They argue he was so powerful, manipulative and menacing that the women, seeking a break in the entertainment industry, felt compelled to go along.

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