Fake doctor for a fake virus

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Makes perfect sense to me that the doctor is phony.

Readers might already know that I was on the trail of this one, and I think it is worthy of its own post. Last week, the doctor who was known as the “whistleblower” on the Chinese coronavirus was reported to have died from the virus. The red flags surrounding this death are redder than the Chinese flag is red. Something fishy absolutely happened here, and below I will explore what I believe we have witnessed: Li Wenliang did not exist (or if he did, he was a state agent and most certainly did not die of the coronavirus).


The coronavirus event is a real time LARPING global health security event, as practiced last year in Event 201.

The world’s real time real reactions are being recorded and laws will be passed in response.

3 thoughts on “Fake doctor for a fake virus

  1. barbm124

    they say herd immunity is when the majority is vaccinated and some vaccine deniers then benefit from the fact, that the people around them are protected. How’s that supposed to be beneficiary to the not vaccinated ones? Do vaccinated people have any disadvantages from the fact that others are not vaccinated? If forcing people to be near a center of infection (which is what a quarantine does) leads to immunity, why vaccinate anybody in the first place? It’s logical fallacy and farcical. Yet still even educated people don’t question this.

  2. barbm124

    “most certainly did not die of the coronavirus” ? Most certainly? I would say nobody died of the corona virus because no such thing exists. As for the fake doctor, he most certainly did not die at all. He’s just an actor giving a face to a fake story. It’s all so ridiculous. For instance the idea of a quarantine. They take a couple of people hostage because they caught them near a person they diagnosed with the corona virus, right? What for? To make sure everybody gets properly infected? They don’t keep everybody in a separate security room, right? And did ever any quarantine lead to an infection of all or at least the majority of the involved persons? Imagine it did, what would the public think then? Wouldn’t that be a mass murder?

    1. ab Post author

      A funny report I heard that quarantining leads to herd immunity, another ridiculous concept that is promoted as scientific.


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