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HBC593-Nuke story originates from ancient Hindu texts

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Call 593 – You Should Have Just Went to Whole Foods™

2020-02-25 by darwinsdead

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NA Show Donation #4

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I get so much material from the noagendashow.com, I treat it like a magazine subscription. The cost of such a subscription is just enough to get my letter read on the air.

I’ve said it before that the future of media is user supported donations and subscriptions. These guys are pioneers in the field and make a substantial living at it.

Toronto, Candanavia


Dear C&B,

Please find my $200 Canadian dollarettes check to make my 4th annual donation, getting me one step closer to Canadian Knighthood.

My blog, fakeologist.com, is all about exposing media fakery – every major media event is a hyper realistic drill portrayed as real, including 9/11 – as shown in the blockbuster youtube movie September Clues.

I’ve also got research that shows that nuclear science is based on science fakery – which is good news if you believe in nuclear weapons.

Have you ever considered that nukes were fake? How about nuclear power? If the power stations were fake, that certainly better explains why this magical energy isn’t used everywhere to replace all the other sources. It’s one giant, 124 year worldwide fraud.

NJNK – thanks for considering this idea.

Soon to be Sir Fakeologist.

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Hero Zamboni goalie story – it’ll make a great movie

like this

Nothing, and I mean nothing, makes front page news in Canada like hockey stories. Good ones and bad ones all can make the front page for days.

This story has spent more than two days at the top, and it keeps on going. For that reason alone, we must question whether or not it is scripted.

At this point, I am falling on the scripted side.

Even those that believe it are getting tired of it.

Remember, Major League Sports falls under the sports entertainment category. Outcomes will be engineered to maximize profit like any other Corporation.

David Ayres continued to come on in relief Monday night during an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

The 42-year-old, made famous over the weekend for his emergency goaltending appearance with the Carolina Hurricanes, played the piano among other fun activities while on air with Colbert.


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