NA Show Donation #4

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I get so much material from the, I treat it like a magazine subscription. The cost of such a subscription is just enough to get my letter read on the air.

I’ve said it before that the future of media is user supported donations and subscriptions. These guys are pioneers in the field and make a substantial living at it.
Toronto, Candanavia


Dear C&B,

Please find my $200 Canadian dollarettes check to make my 4th annual donation, getting me one step closer to Canadian Knighthood.

My blog,, is all about exposing – every major media event is a hyper realistic drill portrayed as real, including – as shown in the blockbuster youtube movie .

I’ve also got research that shows that nuclear science is based on science – which is good news if you believe in nuclear weapons.

Have you ever considered that nukes were fake? How about nuclear power? If the power stations were fake, that certainly better explains why this magical energy isn’t used everywhere to replace all the other sources. It’s one giant, 124 year worldwide fraud.

NJNK – thanks for considering this idea.

Soon to be Sir Fakeologist.

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1 thought on “NA Show Donation #4

  1. ricky

    Most people prefer “the hustle” as ” smj “says or “the dream” as “Pete and Peter” say. “No Agenda” is a safe waypoint that keeps you at a distance from the fakeologist mindset or other more challenging truth ideas. I guess it’s worth a shot, they do honor their donors requests from what I’ve seen, and haven’t resorted to mockery when you’re mentioned. They’ll never go down the “Fakeology” road no matter how much they might believe it’s real, “the hustle and the dream” are making them rich.


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