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Covid19 Free trucker’s hat

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Zazzle has censored the hat.

I’ll have to waste more time finding someone who can’t read. Maybe the Chinese?

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Lock Step to Coronavirushoax 2020

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The Rockefeller Foundation has been planning this event for a long time, as evidenced by this 2010 document.

In 2012, the pandemic that the world had been
anticipating for years finally hit. Unlike 2009’s
H1N1, this new influenza strain—originating
from wild geese—was extremely virulent and
deadly. Even the most pandemic-prepared
nations were quickly overwhelmed when the
virus streaked around the world, infecting nearly
20 percent of the global population and killing
8 million in just seven months, the majority of
them healthy young adults. The pandemic also
had a deadly effect on economies: international
mobility of both people and goods screeched to
a halt, debilitating industries like tourism and
breaking global supply chains. Even locally,
normally bustling shops and office buildings sat
empty for months, devoid of both employees
and customers.

h/t Silverbeam in discord

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Even if this was a real grassroots hashtag, don’t expect cointel to let it trend without opposing it.

Read the thread and see the trolls explain the empty parking lots and hallways.

You decide if anyone’s in there.

I say they are empty.

Take a look at these search results:…

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5G fearporn: it’s not the RF, it’s the data and privacy

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While I often think all RF surrounding us can’t be good (and isn’t studied) for our body electric (heart in particular), I don’t think 5G RF waves are any more dangerous than 2G.

The EMF is just a red herring. This video spells out the dangers of what 5G can facilitate, as far as data and you and your purchases, movement, and communications.

Could this be implemented in the “free” Western world?

Maybe not now, but in a post Corona 3/11 world, I’m sure quite easily, all under the smokescreen of saving us from the next virus.

5G can be part of the total spectrum dominance grid, where some entity knows everything about you, without you being able to opt out.

H/t Dr. Ray

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This thing will last a while

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The neverending War on Germs pickups up where the War on Terror left off – except this one is right in our faces.

The only way to fight this is knowledge: spread the word that the spreadable virus theory is false. Without it, this fear campaign will die.

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FAC665-Corona Again

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With Ab, Misom, Geris, JLB, Robee Parkher

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Virginia on lockdown until June 10

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That would make three months, from 3/11 to 6/10.

Expect the rest to follow suit.

Ontario just extended our ban until Easter Monday, an additional week, making it four weeks.

Since they aren’t saving lives, they must know they are killing small businesses.

Click to access EO-55-Temporary-Stay-at-Home-Order-Due-to-Novel-Coronavirus-(COVID-19).pdf…

This Executive Order shall be effective March 30, 2020, amends Amended Order of the Governor and State Health Commissioner Declaration of Public Health Emergency, Order of Public Health Emergency One and Executive Order 53, and shall remain in full force and in effect until June 10, 2020, unless amended or rescinded by further executive order.

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The hospitals are empty, including no staff

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Doctors and nurses are laid off during the Coronavirushoax 2020, since there are patients in for elective work. There are also, of course, very few people with respiratory issues, including the phony corona virus.

Here are some emails read out from front line workers sitting at home.

Start at 22:00

[No Agenda] 1229: “Orange Tongue” #noAgenda… via @PodcastAddict

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