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You can/are easily influence/d

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Your power of influence is 50% greater by than you think. Your susceptibility to being influenced is also far greater than you think.

More great psychology to explain why people do and react the way they do; all information your controllers study.

The Influence You Have

2020-02-24 by NPR

Episode: play.podtrac.com/npr-510308/ed…the_influence_you_have-_feb_2020-1e35aca2-250a-4561-8755-bcaa27075bee.mp3?awCollectionId=510308&awEpisodeId=807758704&orgId=1&topicId=1007&d=3006&p=510308&story=807758704&t=podcast&e=807758704&size=47989870&ft=pod&f=510308

Think about the last time you asked someone for something. Maybe you were nervous or worried about what the person would think of you. Chances are that you didn’t stop to think about the pressure you were exerting on that person. This week, we explore a phenomenon that psychologists refer to as “egocentric bias,” and look at how this bias can lead us astray.

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