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FAC653-Farter Saturday

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Big one this week. Make sure you join in for a fun wrap up of all things fakeology every Saturday at 0530 EDT. Click here to see when that is for you.

Listen like at fakeologist.com/b/radio2

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This week we had a full house of Aussies join Geris and Ab, including Exoterick, Golden Skidmark, Velocet, Whey Farer (new voice!), Ashelloooo, John le Bon (this call has been 10% gold and 90% trash. The gold has made the trash bearable), Willose (new voice).

Exoterick goes out with Ashelloooo, toilet paper runs, Corona hoax.

New voices: please record a bumper here on speakpipe.

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Speaking of fake volcano smoke

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I used to eat these specials up. I never considered the fact that the setup crew would be 10x more at risk than the performers. Even soundstage setup indoors can be dangerous to workers.

Imagine doing it over stinky, scorching lava!

Here’s wake the fuck up people:


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