FAC653-Farter Saturday

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Big one this week. Make sure you join in for a fun wrap up of all things fakeology every Saturday at 0530 EDT. Click here to see when that is for you.

Listen like at fakeologist.com/b/radio2

Join in on the discord fakeologist.com/b/discord

This week we had a full house of Aussies join Geris and Ab, including Exoterick, Golden Skidmark, Velocet, Whey Farer (new voice!), Ashelloooo, John le Bon (this call has been 10% gold and 90% trash. The gold has made the trash bearable), Willose (new voice).

Exoterick goes out with Ashelloooo, toilet paper runs, Corona hoax.

New voices: please record a bumper here on speakpipe.

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1 year ago

It does. We’ll worry about the scientific calculation later. “First, inevitably, the idea, the fantasy, the fairy tale. Then, scientific calculation. Ultimately, fulfillment crowns the dream.” -Konstantin Tsiolkovsky “This film is not only a visionary tale of our future. It is also unique gem of cinematic history. The film’s visual special effects and zero-gravity trick, invented by director Pavel Klushantsev, inspired Stanley Kubrick to create his sci-fi classic “2001: A Space Odyssey” and George Lucas to create the pop-culture phenomenon “Star Wars.” Both directors were strongly influenced by the Soviet director’s work – look at that rotating space station and… Read more »

1 year ago

Story goes Charles de Gaulle wanted a forceful frappe so he erected a gaule and put a satellite on top that was named after asterix le gaulois…


1 year ago
Reply to  Smj

does that make me popeye doyle?